How To Make Chawal Ke Pakode And Keep It Crispy For Long – Quick Tips Inside


Do you find yourself in a situation where you have guests coming over unannounced? Or you are feeling hungry but tired as well after a long and hectic day? We are sure, you all have been through the situation many-a-times. What do you do then? We rush to the kitchen and go creative with the ingredients we find in the pantry (or refrigerator). More than often, we end up making pakodas, with a cup of tea. Why not? Pakodas are delicious and can liven up our evenings instantly. The best part is you can make these crispy delights with literally anything you find around. From vegetables to Maggi and more, we have tried making fritters with different unique ingredients. This time, we found some leftover rice in the refrigerator and thought of turning it into chawal ke pakode. Sounds fun. Right? But before jumping into the recipe, let’s find out how to keep these yummy pakodas crispy for long.

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Here’re 5 Quick Tips To Keep Chawal Ke Pakode Crispy For Long:

Add rice flour/corn flour:

We generally add besan to a pakoda batter. While besan adds texture to the dish, it often fails to stay crispy for long. That is where some rice flour or corn flour comes to the rescue. Rice flour not only helps make the pakodas crispy, but also doesn’t soak excess oil.

Add cold water:

Always check if the water is cold while adding it to the batter. Cold water helps bind all the ingredients together and maintains the right consistency. Besides, it also prevents excess oil absorption, making the pakoda crispier.

Avoid over-mixing batter:

Over-mixing the batter release excess gluten. This further absorbs more oil, which further makes the pakodas soggy in no time.

Heat oil properly:

The idea is to avoid excess oil absorption. And to do so, we need to fry the pakodas properly. Use a deep-bottom kadhai and add enough amount of oil. Heat the oil well and then put it on medium flame while frying. This will not only help you fry the pakodas evenly, but also avoid absorption of excess oil.

Keep a check on the quantity:

Always try to fry pakodas in small batches. This will help you maintain the temperature and fry the pakodas evenly.

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Rice Pakoda Recipe: How To Make Chawal Ke Pakode:

Ingredients to make chawal ke pakode:

To make chawal ke pakode, you a bowl of rice -you can also use leftover rice from last meal, besan, rice flour, chopped onion, green chillies, ginger, coriander, coriander-cumin powder, Kashmiri red chilli powder, haldi, salt to taste and refined oil to fry. You can also add some nuts for added crunch and raisins for a balance of sweetness.

Method to make chawal ke pakode:

Start with mashing the rice well. Then add all the other ingredients to it (except oil) and mix. Add some water to balance the consistency and prepare a semi-thick pakoda dough.

Next, heat oil in a pan and start adding small portions from the dough. Fry them well until golden and crispy. Take the pakodas out on a tissue paper and absorb the excess oil. And you have a batch of delicious and crispy rice pakodas ready to be relished. Click here for detailed recipe of chawal ke pakode.

Prepare this dish today, pair it with a hot cup of chai and indulge!

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