How To Make Moti Biryani For A Royal Weekend Feast


Indian food never ceases to astonish us with its varied range of delicacies. And if you’re a non-vegetarian looking for some delectable chicken dishes, you’re in for a treat! There’s no denying that chicken has a strong fan base among non-vegetarians. And why not? It has flavourful, juicy, and rich texture that can quickly transform most of your meals into a feast. We’re sure you’ve eaten a range of chicken meals, from curries to biryani to snacks and more. So, to introduce you to a new and interesting chicken-based recipe, here’s a delicious recipe for Moti Biryani! 

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For the uninitiated, this style of chicken biryani is the outcome of the inventive wit and foresight of the fifth monarch of Oudh, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah. In Hindi, Moti signifies pearls. The original Moti biryani was adorned with edible pearls made of eggs as well as gold and silver foils. They seemed to be gold and silver balls placed inside roasted chicken with rice. Interesting; Isn’t it? Let’s learn the recipe now.


Moti Biryani Recipe: How To Make Moti Biryani

To begin with, in a pressure cooker, combine the biryani masala, water, salt, and potatoes. Mix thoroughly. Wait until two whistles. Do not overcook the potatoes. Once the steam has evaporated, gently remove the potatoes and set them aside.

The next step is to boil the water in a heavy pan and add rice and spices such as shahi jeera, black cardamom, mace, salt to taste, and bay leaf. Cook until the rice is 80% done. Turn off the gas and drain the water. Allow the rice to cool after removing it from the pan. Set it aside for later use.

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In a pan, heat the oil and cook the potatoes till golden brown. Take out and set aside. Now, in the same oil, deep fry the slices of onion to give a perfect crunch to the biryani. For marination and the complete recipe, click here.

Try this interesting biryani this weekend and let us know how you liked it in the comments below. 

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