If A Good Brunch To You Means Lavish Spread And Gallons Of Champagne, Then Head To Elan, The Lodhi


Sunday brunches in India are extravagant affairs. They don’t just offer the best of foods and drinks but also a luxurious experience. Delhi is no different, so I can say that our Sundays can be even more laidback and beautiful. If you are anything like me who needs an excuse to get up late but still want weekends to be lavish, you will like the idea of a Sunday brunch – it not just allows you to get up late, linger over the last night party’s gossip with a steaming cup of joe but also to move directly to a lavish spread without the intervening inconvenience of breakfast. Elan at The Lodhi, New Delhi, is exactly the one you must want to visit for all your Sunday Brunches. 

I marvelled at the lavishness of the brunch at Elan: as much sushi as you wanted, gallons of champagne, live pasta and teppanyaki stations, Indian street food counters and nearly every dish you could think of. And right in the centre, you have an alluring dessert bar that looks nothing short of a dream-come-true for people with a sweet tooth. The dessert station has everything you can imagine – from cakes, pastries and puddings to badam ka halwa, ras malai and lots more.

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Sunday Brunch: Live pasta station at Elan, The Lodhi.


The open-air dining scene beckons you to let your feet up and expect some pampering from the exceptional service, paired with pretty views of the garden and property. But what swayed me was the music. As you soak up the winter sun and as the music gets going and the champagne rushes to your head – it is easy to believe that all is well with the world and that it is going to be a lovely Sunday. 

Here are my top 5 appetisers and main-course picks:

1.    Teppanyaki-Style Prawns And Assorted Veggies

Teppanyaki-cooking on hot iron plates – similar to our own tawas – is a well-known Japanese technique of live cooking small bits of meats, vegetables and starches. The result of this sort of coking gives the food that is light, fresh and delicious. Teppanyaki-Style Prawns and Assorted Veggies at Elan were exactly that – light, crispy and absolutely flavourful!

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2.    Mutton 65 With Malabar Parotta

The fiery mutton 65, a boneless mutton dish, was true to its reputation of being hot yet irresistible. This is the sort of dish that can set your mouth on fire, make your heart beat faster and kick the usual mutton curry to the curb. This delightful main course was served with flaky yet fluffy Malabar Parotta.

3.    California Sushi Rolls

California Sushi Rolls are a deviation from the uramaki and is typically made with crabmeat and cucumber. Elan’s California Sushi Rolls had cucumber, avocado along with crab sticks filled into sushi rice rolls sums up the delicious appetiser that you won’t be able to resist.


California Sushi Rolls

4.    Butter Chicken

The beauty of Butter Chicken lies in the right balance of tanginess and a velvety texture. It is easy to get wrong, and you may find versions that are too sweet or way too spicy. But I can say that it Elan did a good job here. 

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5.    Penne Arrabbiata 

A hearty bowl of pasta bursting with the flavours of garlic, oregano, basil, cheese and lots of veggies – what’s not to love?! If you happen to have a special liking for cheese, then try their Bechamel Sauce Pasta (white sauce pasta).


Penne Arrabbiata


There’s a lot more to explore here – from more exotic Indian curries, fresh salads, and grilled meats and veggies to Indian chaat, appetisers on the live counters and, of course, decadent desserts. A couple of interesting things to try out too – dim sums, kebabs and mezze platter.

Where: Elan, The Lodhi, New Delhi

About Shubham BhatnagarYou can often find Shubham at a small authentic Chinese or Italian restaurant sampling exotic foods and sipping a glass of wine, but he will wolf down a plate of piping hot samosas with equal gusto. However, his love for homemade food trumps all.

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