In The Mood For A Loaded Meal? Try Our 5 Favourite Omelette Recipes


If there was ever an ingredient that could be termed the king of versatility, it has to be the humble egg. Poached, boiled, fried or sometimes even just whisked, eggs can be consumed in numerous ways. But one of the yummiest dishes that you can whip up with eggs is the good, old omelette. And there is no one way to make an omelette! The dish, which is made across the world, has taken on several distinct forms. While closer home in India, we mix the egg with our homegrown spices, our European counterparts pair it with their favourite meat. And guess what! It works well with just about everything.

So, today we bring you some delicious and easy omelette recipes for when you want to enjoy a loaded meal with minimal effort.

Here Are 5 Of Our Favourite Omelette Recipes for a Loaded Meal: 

1. Pocket-Size Cheese Omelette

This recipe is perfect as an evening snack that you would want to enjoy over a cup of tea or coffee. It is creamy, thanks to all the cheese, and packs a punch with a bunch of spices. It includes the goodness of spinach as well. This pocket-sized deliciousness can be made in just 20 minutes. Who said good things take time? Click here for the recipe. 

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Omelette Recipes: Try this pocket-sized cheese omelette recipe. 

2. Masala Omelette

This version needs no introduction, at least, in India. This dish can be the perfect start to your day or the best dish to munch on after a long day at work. A spicy combination of eggs, onions, tomatoes and flavorful spices, masala omelette is a classic that you need to have on your home menu. Try this recipe here

3. Balsamic Onion Omelette

Balsamic vinegar, onions and cheese. If you thought we are using these ingredients to make a complicated Italian sauce, you are wrong. This is all that you need to add to your eggs to make a yummy omelette. The bold favours will force you to go for a second helping, we promise. Click here for the full recipe. 

4. Spanish Omelette with Nachos

If you love both nachos and eggs, this is a must-try recipe. This Spanish omelette is cooked using diced potatoes, vegetables, some spices and lots of parmesan cheese. You can top it with some nachos, pica de galo, guacamole, and sour cream. Well, there’s a feast right there! Find the full recipe here

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Aloo omelette is easy to make at home.

5. African Omelette

We saved the best for last. The African omelette is a delicious melange of minced mutton, onions and paprika. It can be cooked within 30 minutes and is paired best with baked beans and toast. Click here for the full recipe. 

We can’t pick just one from this amazing list. Tell us your favourite of the lot.

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