Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Murgh Rezala – A Bengali-Style Chicken Curry (Recipe Inside)


Murgh Rezala is an irresistible treat for your next dinner party at home.


  • Indian cuisine is packed with mouth-watering chicken curries
  • Every regional cuisine in India has a distinct chicken curry
  • Murgh Rezala is a chicken curry from Bengal that you must try

Indian chicken curries are a sensation across the world. From Michelin-star chefs to foodies across the globe, everyone seems to be smitten with the burst of flavours our chicken curries boast of! Who can even ignore the inviting aroma of succulent chunks of chicken, simmering in a fiery gravy? Doesn’t this sound like an ultimate crowd pleaser? Be it the classic butter chicken, rich chicken korma, spicy chicken masala or others including some from the southern region as well, chicken curries never fails to scintillate our taste buds!

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If you are a fan of chicken curries too and never shy away from trying a new one, Indian cuisine is a reservoir for you. And no, we aren’t just talking about the rustic ones from north India. Regions including Maharashtra, Andhra, Kerala, Bihar and Bengal are packed with their own chicken curries. And each one offers a burst of distinct flavours that you won’t be able to resist! Bengali cuisine, popular for fish curries and Mughlai parathas, has a huge trail of chicken curries as well, which are hard to miss.

Murgh Rezala, for instance, is one chicken curry which is immensely popular in the region. What makes it different from other Indian curries is that it’s a unique combination of rich and robust in the sense that on one hand, it has richness of cashews, khoya and coconut, while on the other, it will surprise you with a range of spices including ginger, garlic, pepper and cardamom.


Indian chicken curries are popular across the world.

How To Make Murgh Rezala | Murgh Rezala Recipe

While the chicken curry might be lavish, the preparation is as simple as it can possibly be. All you need is boneless chicken chunks cleaned and drained. Add water to the chicken chunks in a wok, cook with the spices including cardamoms and ginger-garlic followed by curd, which lends a thick texture to the gravy. The cashew nut paste and coconut is then added followed by kewra jal, mitha ittr and mashed khoya, all of which impart a distinct aroma to the Bengali-style chicken curry.

Find the full recipe of Murgh Rezala here.


Pair this chicken curry with rice or roti for a wholesome meal.

Try Murgh Rezala at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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