Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Muttai Thokku – A Quick Egg Delicacy From Kerala


Muttai thokku is basically boiled eggs in a thick and spicy onion-tomato masala. (Image credits- iStock)


  • Egg is a versatile ingredient
  • South Indian cuisine uses egg in various delectable dishes
  • Here is a lip-smacking egg thokku recipe you can try

Eggs are perhaps our go-to meal of all times. Don’t you agree? After all, there are only a few things (if any) that egg can’t be added to! From breakfast spreads, rolls and desserts to biryanis and curries, eggs easily lends their flavour to whatever delicacy you want them in. While we may drool over French toasts and egg benedicts, Indian cuisine boasts of many distinct dishes that can get you hooked. And we are talking much beyond street-style omelette or classic egg curry. We are talking about the fiery south Indian cuisine!

Egg or muttai, as known in South India, is quite a favourite in the cuisine. From muttai dosa to biryani and rolls, muttai is quite a primary ingredient in many south Indian delicacies. Not only are eggs a treasure trove of protein but are super versatile too! Here we have an amazing south Indian delicacy made with eggs that’s not just delicious but is also quick and easy. Egg Thokku or Muttai Thokku is a side dish from Kerala that is perfect for your busy weekdays and lazy weekends. Can be called a close cousin of Kerala muttai roast, muttai thokku can be put together in just bout 30 minutes!

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Egg Thokku pairs well with rice, roti or appam.

How To Make Egg Thokku | Egg Thokku Recipe

Muttai thokku is basically boiled eggs in a thick and spicy onion-tomato masala and pairs well with rice, roti or appam. Every south Indian home has its own version of muttai thokku with one basic recipe. While some like to toss boiled eggs as is, some like it slightly fried, blistered and golden eggs. The flavours of spices such as ginger-garlic, cinnamon, mustard seeds, fennel, bay leaf and kalpasi lend a beautiful aroma to the delicacy. The crunch of onion and deep red hue of tomato is what makes this egg delicacy a super hit.


Find the full recipe of Muttai Thokku here.


Pair this with rice or appam for a wholesome meal.

Try egg thokku at home for your next quick meal and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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