Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Varqi Paratha – A Layered Paratha You Just Cant Resist


Varqi paratha is said to be popular in Ooty.


  • Parathas are one of the most popular meals across India
  • Varqi paratha is a flaky, layered one that can be paired with curries
  • Here is how you can make varqi paratha at home

Parathas are perhaps one of the most popular breads in the Indian cuisine. Oozing with oil, ghee or butter and brimming with flavourful spices, parathas have taken almost every meal a notch higher, no matter the occasion. Apt for a regular lunch meal, tiffin or fancy dinner parties, parathas fit-in just anywhere. Not only are they quick and easy but one can give endless variations to a paratha. Stuff it with whatever you can possibly think of – potato, onion, mixed vegetables, minced meat or simply a mix of spices! We are yet to find one specific reason as to why we love parathas so much. Is it the captivating aroma, the sheer variety or the minimal time it takes to cook a scrumptious one? Whatever it may be, we might never stop hunting for a new type of paratha every now and then. No wonder we have a paratha joint at every local market. Isn’t it?

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And if you are someone who is almost every time tempted to take a bite whenever a paratha is on the table, we have got you a surprise! Varki (or varqi) paratha is a stellar variety that differs in its texture and taste from the rest of the lot. A flaky, layered paratha, varqi means layers and in the recipe the dough is flattened and folded many times, buttered and dusted with flour generously for the layers to come out neat. The dough is, however, made with a mix of whole wheat, milk and semolina, making it a healthier one as compared to a regular paratha. Said to be a popular paratha in Ooty, varqi paratha can be served with a host of curries such as shahi paneer, dal makhani, chicken or mutton curries, even nihari.


Parathas are one o the most popular meals in the Indian cuisine.

How To Make Varki Paratha | Varqi Paratha Recipe

While it is an easy process to make varki paratha at home, it might require some precision and patience when it comes to forming the layers in it. All you need to do is make the dough with soaked semolina, whole wheat, milk and salt. Let it rest for about 10-15 minutes. Now, flatten the dough, dust with some ghee, fold it half and flatten again. Repeat the process thrice, making three folds which will ensure beautiful crispy layers over the paratha. Now, simply make three crisscross incisions over it, smear some ghee and cook over hot griddle until golden brown from both sides.

Find the full recipe of Varki Paratha here.


You can serve it with any curry you want or a simple bowl of curd and pickle for a wholesome meal.

Try this scrumptious paratha recipe at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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