International Tea Day 2021: 7 Soothing Tea Recipes For Winter


For tea lovers, nothing can beat the aroma of a well-brewed cup of chai. There may be variations in the way one likes one’s cup of tea. But the loyalty towards chai remains forever. Today is a day that celebrates this undefinable love for tea. December 15 is annually observed as the International tea day. The International Tea Day directs our attention towards the expanding tea industry, the rising demand for different tea varieties and the importance of a sustainable tea production model. Since tea tree depends a lot on climate, the day is also a reminder of climate change issues.

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On this day, celebrate your love for tea in the best ways possible. Sip your favourite cup or try experimenting with some new tea recipes this winter. Here are seven soothing tea recipes for you to try. Check them out:

International Tea Day 2021: 7 Teas To Try In Winters

1.Masala Chai

For many tea lovers, nothing can beat the zing of masala chai. After all, who can get over the aroma and blend of flavours that are found in this cup? With the blend of cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and star anise, this tea recipe is a sure hit among many.


2.Iced Mint and Lime Tea

Why go for packaged iced tea when you can make it in your own kitchen. The recipe is easy and requires simple ingredients. The chilled fusion of mint leaves and the lime rind is going to blow any tea lover’s mind.


3.Honey-Lemon-Ginger Tea

This refreshing cup of tea can set the tone for your day. A cup of tea spiced with ginger and sweetened with honey gets a tangy twist with lemon juice. Try it out.

honey tea

4.Ginger And Mulethi Wali Chai

Ginger and mulethi tea is a nutrition-packed brew for the winters. The drink boosts immunity. You can also add milk to this tea.

5.Kadha Chai

Try this classic tea recipe. Relish the infused flavours of Indian whole spices along with lemon, turmeric root and ginger. Add honey to sweeten.


6. Kashmiri Noon Chai

Want to experiment with this Kashmiri tea? All you need is roe petals, some whole spices, chopped almonds, pista and baking soda.

7.Adrak Wali Chai

Try this classic with crushed ginger, crushed elaichi and dd milk to add smoothness to the flavours.

Try these delicious tea recipes and let us know how you liked the taste of it!

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