Is Chennai Biryani Better Than Lucknow And Kolkata? Twitter Post Sparks Debate


Imagine digging into a plate of sumptuous piping hot biryani loaded with chunks of succulent meat. Are you drooling already? Well, for most of us, biryani is an emotion. And, we all have a soft corner for this particular food item. After all, it is super delectable and comforting. Be it an outing with friends or office lunch, this dish, for obvious reasons, makes it to the table. Relatable, did we hear? Oh, and, in the middle of this, we can’t ignore the fact that biryani is cooked in a particular way, depending on the region. Right? Any discussion related to this food item, which is so close to people’s hearts, leads to debates. Something similar happened when a Twitter user shared his “unpopular hot take on biryani.”

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The person expressed how he finds Chennai’s Dindigul biryani better than the versions of the dish found in Kolkata and Lucknow. Now, evidently, this resulted in a mix of reactions from biryani lovers on Twitter. For the unversed, biryani in Kolkata is mostly known for the usage of eggs and potatoes, whereas, Lucknowi biryani includes the process of cooking meat separately and then, following the dum-pukht style of cooking (in this gravy and rice are sealed in a handi and cooked on the slow flame).  

The post featured a picture of biryani with an elaborate caption. It read, “Unpopular hot take on biryani (NOTE: Hyderabadi biryani is still my FAV): #Chennai‘s Dindigul biryani is absolutely amazing. Loved it, and Imho it’s better than Lucknow and Calcutta biryani. Very flavourful. This is from the Erode Amman mess. Don’t come at me with ‘no layers’ argument.”

The post has crossed 78.3 K views so far. And, people were not happy with the person’s idea. 

A user wrote, “As a thumb rule, let’s not call a dish made out of any rice variant other than basmati as biryani. It’s a humble request.”

Strongly disagreeing with the post, another commented, “I am glad you had put “IMHO” before Lucknowi Biryani. Again IMHO nothing is better than the Lucknow Biryani and Nihari”

A hardcore Hyderabadi biryani lover wrote, “There’s a certain phrase I love (obnoxiously) repeating every time this topic comes up: “Hyderabadi biryani is biryani. Everything else is pulao.”

“Anything close, we can have in Hyderabad? Heard biryani at Pondy Parotta (Kukatpally) is good too,” a comment read.

Slightly confused about the post, a user asked, “Chennai, Dindigul & Erode are names of three different cities in Tamil Nadu btw. So which biryani are you actually talking about?”

“Dindigul mutton biryani is the best thing on the planet” is the sentiment on social media.

In support of Kolkata biryani, a user mentioned, “Dindigul biryani….it has Lord of the Rings vibes…Must be great. BTW Kolkata biryani with aloo is the best. Nothing comes close to it. And I will not take any questions.”

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In the middle of this, a person wrote, “FIR is lodged against you because you have disrespected my Lucknow biryani. Idris Lucknow Biryani is the best. Please remember this next time.”

What’s your personal take on biryani? Do share with us in the comment section.

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