Kareena Kapoors Kadhi Indulgence Can Inspire Us To Relish A Punjabi Meal


Who doesn’t love to indulge in a delicious bowl of kadi? Kareena Kapoor, for sure, keeps this dish close to her heart. The Bollywood actress has given us enough proof over the years to suggest that she is a die-hard foodie. And, this remains undisputed. Kareena keeps us entertained through her social media activity. And this is how we can relate to her food choices too. And, her Instagram Stories has brought to us her latest indulgence. In the photo that Kareena Kapoor has posted, we see her standing with a friend while both of them hold a bowl of kadi. The glee on their faces reveals the wholesome taste of the dish. Adding more to the photo, Kareena wrote a caption thanking the chef. The caption read, “Thank you to the lovely Jyoti Ahlawat. Kadi was killer just like Jaideep [Ahlawat]’s performances.” Kareena also added a sticker that read, “Food coma.” For those who don’t know, Kareena and Jaideep Ahlawat are currently shooting for a web series. 

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If Kareena Kapoor’s kadi indulgence is making you drool, we have five Punjabi recipes that you can include in a full-course meal. Check out these recipes:

1. Paneer Tikka

This is one of the best starters you can have. Paneer, capsicum and onions marinated in a yoghurt-based marinade taste amazing when diving into a meal. 

2. Punjabi Kadhi Pakodi

This delicious kadi recipe will leave you craving more. It is a creamy gravy made with gram flour, spices and chillies. Soft fried pakodis dipped in this kadi taste amazing.

3. Chikar Chole

This Punjabi chickpeas curry is simply mouthwatering. Soft and mushy chole cooked in spices tastes heavenly.

4. Aloo Kulcha

If you are a fan of Indian breads, you should definitely try this Aloo Kulcha. This is a twist to the regular kulcha with the addition of spicy aloo filling.

5. Mint Lassi

You can serve a refreshing lassi at the end of the meal. Give it a spin with the addition of mint.

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