Karisma Kapoor Is Back To Basics With Dal Chawal, Pickle And Bhindi Fry


You may travel the world and binge on the most delectable of cuisines but you always want to come back to some lovely home-cooked food. And, superstar Karisma Kapoor is no different. After spending several weeks in London and New York, Karisma is back home and has returned to her comfort food. The actress on Instagram shared a set of images titled “Back to basics” and offered a glimpse of her plate in one of the slides. Her meal included lentils (dal) and rice with lady’s finger (bhindi) fry, pickle and some roasted chillies on the side. Simple and absolutely healthy, Karisma Kapoor’s meal is as relatable as it gets, the actress’ fans commented under the post.

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Karisma Kapoor did not leave any stone unturned to set food goals even when she was in New York. She gorged on a super tasty classic French delicacy while in the city. Her Instagram Stories showed her indulgent meal and boy, was it tempting! Karisma enjoyed a dish of foie gras served with toasted slices of bread. Foie gras is a classic French dish prepared with the liver of a duck or goose that’s fattened by the process of force-feeding. Besides this, we could also spot a plateful of greens decorated with grated cheese. She wrote, “Foie Gras in NY.”  

Karisma Kapoor loves to try out different cuisines from time to time. Once, we saw her chomping on a popular Italian dish. Can you guess what it was? Yes, it was a drool-worthy pizza. Her Instagram Stories featured the dish topped with loads of cheese and sauces. To express her love for pizza, she added a sticker that read, “You and me forever.”  

Prior to that, we saw Karisma Kapoor relishing some yummy Chinese dishes. She shared a video of her yummy indulgence that she enjoyed while shooting for her upcoming project titled Brown – The First Case in Kolkata. Amid her hectic schedule, she took a break and treated herself to good food. On her Instagram Stories, we could see a table full of sizzlers loaded with cheese. “Thank you for an awesome meal,” she added.

We cannot wait to see what yummy dishes Karisma Kapoor enjoys next.

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