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Kim Kardashian Claims She Has Found The “Best Pizza In Japan”

Kim Kardashian Claims She Has Found The “Best Pizza In Japan”


Kardashians making headlines is nothing new. They have a penchant for turning heads every time they step out. But not many are aware that they carry the title of being epicures. Oh no, we don’t say this; their social media screams that out loud. Currently, Kim Kardashian is having a blast in Japan. We all know that her travel diaries come loaded with her gastronomical adventures. So we didn’t wait a minute to snoop on her Instagram. And it turns out that she has discovered the “Best pizza in Japan.” Unlike American-style pizza, it had an uneven base. She dropped a picture on her Instagram Stories, in which we can see a delicious Margherita pizza topped with basil and cheese. Take a look:
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This happened before Kim Kardashian cast her eyes on the exotic meal served to her in the restaurant. What appeared to be meat in the video was placed inside a box, which was accompanied by a sword. As she pulled it out, a frosty mist was observed emanating from the box. Additionally, we noticed caviar arranged on cream cheese and a slice of bread, placed beside a bowl that resembled a dessert.


Next, we caught a glimpse of a special gift arranged by Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North, to wish her the “best trip.” The surprise package was a collection of gourmet delights, featuring strawberries, black raspberries, and croissants, placed alongside what appeared to be mini cheesecakes, freshly baked bread with a filling, and a cake adorned with cookies and berries. She shared the picture with the caption, “Present from North for the best trip.”
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Last but not least, we also caught a glimpse of a giant burger, with a glazed bun placed on top of a meat patty, lettuce, and what appeared to be caviar. If you’re drooling, you’re not alone.


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