Kim Kardashian “Wont Stop” Relishing This Food In 2023


Hollywood star Kim Kardashian enjoys a massive fan following on social media. While you all know her as a fashion icon, entrepreneur, model and reality TV star, were you aware of Kim Kardashian’s foodie side? She gorges on everything yummy and nutritious. And, her envious hourglass figure is a testament to the statement. Out of her numerous indulgences in 2022, there is one dish Kim Kardashian “won’t stop” devouring even in this new year. Any guesses? She is talking about her all-time favourite “blueberry eggos.” The reality TV star welcomed the new year with this yummy breakfast and we think it’s every bit delicious. The snap posted on Instagram Stories featured a blueberry egg waffle topped with what looked like maple syrup. “Blueberry eggos changed my life last year. Omgg. Won’t stop this year,” Kim Kardashian captioned the post. Take a look:

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Packed with antioxidants, blueberries are a superfood. They are low in calories, rich in taste and their health benefits are endless. Kim Kardashian’s blueberry eggo waffle is one of the many ways to add these exotic berries to your diet. What are the other options, you ask? Read on. 

1. Blueberry Pie 

Here’s presenting a guilt-free indulgence made with the goodness of oats and blueberries. Bake the pie to perfection, lather it with a sweet and tangy blueberry mixture, and finish off with strawberry toppings. Recipe inside. 

2. Blueberry Pancake 

Pancakes for breakfast? Hell yes. This sinful blueberry pancake is made with soya flour, soya milk, sugar (or any sweet alternative) and, of course, blueberries. Tap here for the recipe. 

3. Walnut-Blueberry Oatmeal Bites

Can it get any healthier? Prepared with whole wheat flour, oats, blueberries and walnuts – these energy bites are an ultimate healthy snack. Get the recipe here

4. Blueberry Cheesecake 

This yummy delight is stuffed with mouth-watering cream cheese filling and is topped with a sweet and tangy blueberry mix. You don’t have to depend on bakeries for this sweet treat, whip it at your home with this recipe

5. Blueberry Coconut Smoothie 

All you need is the goodness of blueberries, coconut milk, the sweetness of honey, the crunchiness of walnuts, 10 minutes and voila. A vitamin-rich cool smoothie is ready. Check the recipe here

What is your go-to dish to relish blueberries?

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