Louis Burger Is Delivering The OG Dish In An All-New Gourmet Avatar


The average Indian’s love affair with burgers is long-standing and well-known. However, somewhere and somehow, we have failed to give this dish the gourmet treatment it deserves. Gone are the days when the term burger would imply a hastily put-together dish with store-bought ingredients. In restaurateur Zorawar Kalra’s latest delivery kitchen offering, the burger is the center of attention. Louis Burger is a cloud kitchen first launched in Mumbai followed by Delhi NCR, and they are serving up burgers fit for royalty right at your doorstep.

The name ‘Louis Burger’ originates from the legendary Louis Lassen, who is credited to be the inventor of the amazing burger concept. Louis Burger takes the concept a notch higher with an interesting marriage of ingredients, sauces, and bread. With a limited, no-nonsense menu – it is evident that Louis Burger means business. Their tagline exudes the same confidence, asking, “When was the last time you tasted a great burger?”

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A quick glance through the menu reveals some offbeat ingredients and unique tastes brought to the palate in the form of a burger. We started off our meal with the vegetarian Farmhouse burger made with pickled onions, hot sauce, mozzarella, and other exotic vegetables like lettuce, gherkins, and jalapenos. The vegetables were surprisingly fresh and crunchy and added an amazing texture to the burger. We also sampled the signature Louis Fried Chicken Burger with fried chicken, fermented hot sauce, green lettuce, and pickled cucumber. The spice rub of the chicken was truly delicious and the pickled cucumbers added that extra zing to the preparation.

Louis Burger also has two limited-edition burgers to offer – the Louis Grand Royal and Truffletake Burger. We tried the Truffletake burger and it was truly a mushroom lover’s paradise. Right from the packaging to the buns and even the fillings, everything was prepared with meticulous detail. The burger came with Shimeji and Shitake mushrooms, cheddar, parmesan, truffle mayo, truffle oil as well as actual truffle pieces. To top up the exquisite creation, a layer of gold varq was added on top of the burger bun. Every bite was oozing indulgence and a heavenly treat to the tastebuds.

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A special mention also goes out for the amazing sides offered by the delivery kitchen. The Smoked BBQ Onion Rings were smashingly delicious fried white onions coated with a slightly spicy BBQ rub served with a dipping hot sauce. The addictive starter was our pick for the evening and could easily be binged upon endlessly. The Animal-style fries had their outer peels intact and were up to 11-inches long to create a unique experience. We also sampled the Fried chicken wings made with a spicy Paprika rub – which was the right mix of crunchy and fiery.

The entire meal from Louis Burger was satisfying and fulfilling in so many ways. We loved how each factor of the meal was curated with painstaking detail. So, the next time you are planning to have a house party or get-together, try the wonderful and heavenly burgers for a lavish feast you’ll remember for a long time to come!

What: Louis Burger

Where: Available for delivery across all portals in Delhi and Mumbai (Swiggy, Zomato, Thrive & Dotpe)

Price for two: Rs. 600/-

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