Love Bread Omelette? Spice It Up With Kolhapuri Anda Khandoli Recipe


Let’s just admit it, we hate cooking during the weekends. After a hectic week and busy schedule, we hardly feel like getting off the bed and doing the daily chores. But that doesn’t mean we will compromise on good food. Afterall, it is the only time we get to sit back and relish good food with friends and family. What do you do in such situations? If you ask us, we either order our favourite food or make something quick yet delicious at home. This weekend, we feel like having something at home and during our research, we stumbled upon a perfect recipe for a delicious brunch. It’s referred to as anda khandoli – a popular street food from Kolhapur that includes eggs, breads and some basic spices.
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About Anda Khandoli:

To put it simply, anda khandoli is a bread omelette with a spicy twist to it. It is widely available on the streets of Kolhapur, Maharashtra and makes a popular dish for breakfast and as evening snack. Now, you might wonder what makes it different from the regular bread omelette. The secret lies in the spice. Kolhapuri food is known for its spice level and you can see it well in this particular dish. While some add extra red chilli powder, some put green chillies in it. It is served with raw onions on the sides for added crunch.

How To Make Anda Khandoli:

The best part about this dish is the fact that you can experiment with the recipe as per your palate. While the basic one includes egg, bread, onion, chilli, butter and salt, people amp it up with cheese, black pepper and more. Here, we will share with you the classic recipe that is simple, flavourful and gets done in 30 minutes.
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Start with breaking an egg in a bowl. Add chopped onion, coriander leaves, green chillies, salt and red chillies to it. Whisk well and keep aside. Take a slice of bread and spread butter on both the sides. Now, heat oil in a pan, add the egg mix and the bread on it. Let the egg cook on one side, then flip it and toast the bread well. When cooked, transfer it on a plate, cut into bite sized pieces, spread some onions and chaat masala on the top and serve with tomato ketchup. Have it hot to enjoy the flavours completely. Click here for the detailed recipe of anda khandoli.

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