Make Nutritious Millets Bhakri Using These Kitchen Secrets – Nutritionist Shares


When we kick off our fitness journey, a lot of things get changed, which includes our eating habits. We have to quit eating the scrumptious samosas, ditch the sugary drinks, and reluctantly give up late-night snacking. In a bid to get healthier, these foods are often replaced with more nutritious options such as granola and protein bars, muesli, oats, and multigrain bread. While these healthy food items are easily available in the market, we run out of options when it comes to preparing something nutritious at home. But, you need not worry as your kitchen has everything you would need in your fitness journey. According to nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, millet is the perfect food ingredient to include in your diet if you want to get healthier. And, if you are puzzled about how to eat it on a daily basis, then there is a simple food tip that the nutritionist offers in her latest Instagram Reel. Check it here:

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According to Rujuta Diwekar, the simplest way to include millets in your daily diet is to make a bhakri or roti with it. This nutritious roti can then be enjoyed with y vegetables cooked at home or with a spicy green and red chutney.

How To Make Millet Roti Like Pro?

Now, making a perfect chapatti can be tough for some with even the ordinary wheat flour. This can get more difficult when you use millets to make rotis. To overcome this, the nutritionist suggests a “kitchen secret” to roll the millet rotis without breaking them. She says – you should use warm water to knead the dough and then press it using your hands before putting it on the pan to cook.

Health Benefits Of Millet Roti:

Besides being wholesome, millet roti is super healthy too. Rujuta Diwekar states that millets have a type of Vitamin B called niacin which helps boost energy levels, keeping the digestive tract healthy and maintaining nerve health. Other minerals like magnesium and zinc present in millets can help regulate blood sugar, especially for people with diabetes and PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease).

But always remember, never mix all the millets in one meal; instead eat them one at a time. The nutritionist says that for best results, one can include some chutney and finish the meal with some jaggery and ghee.

Here’re 5 Other Ways To Include Millet In Your diet:

Millet soup:

Soup is the easiest way you can include millet in your diet. It is soothing, tasty, and easy to make. Check the recipe here

Kodo millet burger:

Eating this burger would not leave you in any guilt as it is made with kodo millet and is high in nutrients and proteins. Recipe here

Baked ragi chakli:

This baked and light chakli can be your favourite healthy snack to munch with tea. It is made with ragi flour and is healthier than other snacks. Recipe here.

Mixed millet bhel puri:

If you are looking for an easy and healthy snack which is also low in fat, then try this mixed millet bhel puri. You can enjoy it at home or on the go, it will always taste delicious.  Click here for the recipe.

Bajre ki khichdi:

Nothing can be more soothing than a plate of some warm khichdi. Made with bajra, this is the perfect food to eat as you chase your fitness goal. Recipe here

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