Make Restaurant-Style Soya Chaap Curry And Roomali Roti For An In-House Feast



  • Soya chaap curry is a popular delicacy from North India
  • Soya chaap curry can be made at home too
  • Soya chaap curry is best paired with roomali roti

The tug of war between non-veg foodies and veg foodies is a never-ending one, yet there are some rare moments, or should we say there are some dishes that can unite the two, even if it is for a brief amount of time. A plate of rich soya chaap curry is one such dish that needs no introduction, especially up in the North. You can find it on the menu of all popular North Indian restaurants and dhabas. Soya Chaap is essentially a desi mock-meat. Soya beans are ground together and made into a chewy yet succulent meat-like substance. They are easily available in the market and come wrapped around sticks, resembling mutton chops or chaap. Soya chaap is a super versatile ingredient and can be used to make a gamut of snacks- the most popular being the soya chaap curry.

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The origins of the curried preparation are still unclear, but it is a very famous delicacy in Amritsar, the curry has many loyal fans even in neighbouring regions like Delhi and Haryana.


Soya chaap sticks are very easily available in the market


This curry looks as intense and rich as that of malai kofta. Think oodles of cream, tomato pulp and onion paste. The tempting treat is made by roasting the soya chaap sticks until they are golden brown, so that they are crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Once the sticks are roasted keep them aside. For the curry, start making the masala by adding a bay leaf, cumin seeds and onion paste in the same pan. Roast them a little, add turmeric and salt followed by ginger garlic paste, coriander powder, cumin and red chilli powder. Blend them all in with the help of water, then add the tomato pulp. This gives the gravy its characteristic reddish-orange hue. After mixing in the coriander powder, Kasturi methi and garam masala, add some cream. Stir well, finally add the roasted soya chaap. Serve hot. Here is the full step-by-step recipe.

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You can serve it with rice or any bread of your choice, but if you want to have it ‘the dhaba style’ make some rumali roti. The word rumali roti comes from the word ‘rumal’, which means a handkerchief.  These rotis are so thin that they resemble a handkerchief. 


nebmo9pgRumali roti can be made at home too

Here’s how you can make it at home.

Try this fabulous combination today, and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below

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