Masaba Gupta Enjoys Scrumptious Fried Chicken, And We Want Some Too


Fashion designer Masaba Gupta’s fitness regime along with candid posts receive much love and support from fans. As for us, we always wait for Masaba’s gastronomic adventures. Wondering why? Because they are every bit relatable. And, it is safe to say she got this from her mother, Neena Gupta. The mother-daughter share an unsaid love for food. Every now and then, they devour delectable cuisines, leaving us craving like never before. Today is no different. While Masaba savoured some fried chicken, Neena Gupta relished home-grown vegetables for dinner. On her Instagram Stories, Masaba Gupta shared a blurry picture of her indulgence, fried chicken. Even though the snap wasn’t clear, we are convinced that it was too yummy. “Fried chicken blurr… someone stop me,” Masaba captioned the post. 


On the other hand, Neena Gupta prepared dinner using her home-grown vegetables. The meal included a piping hot roti along with two pieces of Okra (bhindi) and a small portion of paneer. First, the actress shared a video of two bhindis, loaded with masala, ready to be cooked. In the background, she was heard saying, “Mere gamle mai do bhindi ugi hai, dono bhindi ko masala laga ke, aadhi roti ke sath bhindi kha rahi hu (The okra is from my home garden. So I have filled them with spices. I will eat half a roti along with it).”


In the next slide, Neena Gupta gave us a sneak peek of her dinner table. We could see her plate, which featured two bhindis, paneer ki sabzi and a roti. In the background, once again, the actress said, “Do bhindi, aur dusri paneer ki sabji. Par bhindi toh apni ugai hui hai na toh uska toh swad hi alag hai (Two okra and some cottage cheese. But okra tastes different as it is home grown).” 

Which side would you pick? Masaba Gupta’s fried chicken or Neena Gupta’s home-grown bhindi? 

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