Masaba Gupta Is Relishing On This Desi Winter Delight; Can You Guess


Winter is a time that comes with various delicacies that we usually don’t get to relish during the other seasons of the year. As the temperature drops and chilly winds blow, most of us look for ways to keep our bodies warm. Including jaggery in our diet is a great way to keep the body warm from within. Seems like fashion designer-actress Masaba Gupta, who is known for her love for simple food also depends on jaggery for her winter warmth. How do we know?  In one of her Instagram Stories, she has shared an image of quintessential desi winter delight, peanut jaggery chikki, and captioned the image “it’s winter na”.


Masaba was enjoy this winter essential

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This sweet, crunchy snack can do wonders to improve health during the winter months. Also, it can be prepared and stored for munching for a long time. A healthy alternative to white sugar, jaggery adds a distinct flavour to Indian desserts that we all love. Health experts often recommend jaggery to those having issues with their digestion. It’s loaded with iron and vitamin C and is used as a traditional remedy for respiratory disorders and throat problems like irritation and dryness.

Further, jaggery contains several minerals such as phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, potassium. It also has amazing antioxidant properties to fight the common cold and other wither diseases. Peanut jaggery chikki is a must-have snack during winter festivals – Lohri, Pongal and Makar Sankranti.

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You just need a few ingredients to prepare this easy dessert. Loaded with vitamin E, protein and dietary fibre, here‘s how you can make it at home.

You can also add sesame seeds to it to make tilkut. Sesame seeds only add to the health benefits of this snack. Additionally, sesame seeds have multiple health benefits. They help with digestion, skin health, dental health, stabilise blood pressure, boost bone health and help fight stress and depression.

Masaba Gupta prefers healthy, home-cooked food and often shares tips on how to improve physical and mental health, besides her diet secrets.

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