Masaba Gupta Reveals The Meal Of Her Dreams And We Are Impressed


Masaba Gupta is a true foodie. If you ever need proof of this, just cast a cursory glance at the designer’s Instagram feed. From desserts to salads, Masaba enjoys food and loves to share her passion for it with her social media followers. In addition to being a food lover, she is also a fitness enthusiast and is, therefore, extremely meticulous about what she has on her plate. On Saturday, the 32-year-old gave her fans a look at the ‘meal of her dreams’. If you think that her favourite meal is an exotic and luxurious dish, you are wrong. Masaba said that her favourite food is the humble Maharashtrian delicacy ‘Zunka Bhakar’.

She shared a photo of the mouth-watering dish on her Instagram Stories along with a note. She wrote, “A protein-rich meal of my dreams: I’ve loved ‘Zunka Bhakar’ forever. A Maharashtrian delicacy that is bursting with flavour.”

Revealing some details about the dish, she further wrote, “The Zunka is besan tossed with haldi (turmeric), onion and garlic, and the bhakar can be done in rice flour/ nachni/ jowar- whatever you like.”

She also elevated the meal with some yummy sides. About the additions, she said, “Don’t miss the ‘thecha'(green chillies & I put olive oil in mine) and I added dried garlic chutney on the side.”

Masaba also recommended adding “ghee and masala chaas on the side if you are going all the way.”


Though Masaba did not share the recipe for the healthy dish, we have got you covered. Here, in this recipe, we have used a chickpea flour base. And for the tempering, the recipe recommends using fried onions, mustard seeds and ginger-garlic. It can be paired with jowar or bajra rotis. Click here for zunka bhakri recipe. 

Masaba, meanwhile, has shared several recipes that you can rustle up in the kitchen in no time. Take, for instance, her yummy dessert quick-fix that is also healthy. Sharing a photo of the decadent dessert, she wrote, “Vegan-sugar free Espresso ice cream + Chocolate fudgy cake ice cream +++ Crushed Marie Biscuit …Tell me a better survival recipe.”

Before that, she had also shared an image of her favourite breakfast. Revealing the recipe, she said, “Almond butter + warm toast + aam. Thank me later.”

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Masaba, who has been vocal about her struggle with Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), made a conscious decision to switch to a healthier lifestyle with clean eating habits and regular exercise.

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With her posts and updates on simple and wholesome food habits, the ‘Masaba Masaba’ star has been inspiring her fans and followers to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

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