Mira Kapoor Finds “Heaven” In These Chinese Dishes


Mira Kapoor’s food diaries are simply too good to miss. Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor’s wife, who is a social media personality, is a die-hard foodie. This B-town celebrity never flinches from telling her fans about her latest indulgences. What’s new on her plate? Well, Mira Kapoor’s latest food trip was to a Chinese cuisine eatery. And, she loved every bite of it. We knew it when she shared photos of her treat and also called it a “heaven.” If you don’t believe us, you should take a look at her Instagram Stories. Mira Kapoor posted the photos of the mouth-watering dishes that she relished. The photo collage includes a tray of steamed vegetable wrap stuffed with finely chopped carrots and greens. We also see a plate of what looks like crispy fried Manchurian balls, which are served with a dollop of cream topped with coriander leaves. A plate also includes two scoops of vanilla ice cream. On the side, we also see a plate of deep-fried crispy snacks. The caption read, “Royal China is heaven.”

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Mira Kapoor is a sucker for good food and there are no two ways about it. She not only loves to indulge but also enjoys serving treats to her loved ones. Recently, she and Shahid Kapoor gave a delicious surprise to their kids Misha and Zain. The celebrity couple treated them to a drool-worthy vanilla sponge cake with chocolate ganache, buttercream and sprinkles on top. The cake included a text that read, “We love you Misha and Zain. Love Mama and Papa.” Mira added in the caption, “Let them eat cake. The bestest always.”

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Mira Kapoor keeps her food choices healthy and simple. This summer, she chose to beat the heat with a homemade vegan drink. And, it’s a drink that is cherished by coffee lovers in the summer months. Mira Kapoor showed us a tall glass of iced oat milk Frappuccino on Instagram Stories. She wrote, “I avoid icy drinks but this homemade oat milk Frappuccino is bomb.”

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