Mira Kapoor Kick-Starts Her Weekend With A Desi Meal – Its So Relatable (See Pic)


Mira Kapoor’s delicious adventures aren’t just limited to exotic food items. Her food shenanigans feature desi meals as well. And, when the food is home-cooked – it becomes all the more appealing. A desi platters gives an earthy flavour to our palate and also provide a balance of nutrients in one meal. Mira recently enjoyed one such meal that was wholesome, healthy and all things desi. Her meal included sarso ka saag, a paneer gravy, dal makhni, a sabji (which looked like aloo gobhi), along with a bowl of onion and tomato raita. To bind the meal, there was one-fourth portion of paratha on her plate. Other than the food, we couldn’t help but notice Mira’s gorgeous dinner set. It was made of ‘kansa’ and gave an earthy touch to the meal. Besides, ‘kansa’ is also known to be good for your digestive health, skin and more. As per experts, eating in ‘kansa’ utensils helps balance vata, pitta, and kapha. 

Take a look at Mira Kapoor’s desi meal:

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Mira Kapoor‘s dinner looked comforting and super nutritious. Right? You too can easily recreate her platter at home. Pair the vegetables and dal with your favourite carbs and you are good to go. 

Here 5 Popular Recipes To Put Together A Meal, Mira Kapoor Style:

1.Sarso ka Saag:

Winter without sarso ka saag sounds incomplete. This bright green curry is loaded with the goodness of mustard leaves and spinach, making it a healthy delight. Find recipe here.

2.Paneer Butter Masala:

A super delicious and rich butter-based paneer dish, it is a forever winner on a dinner table.. Paneer butter masala is prepared in a creamy gravy with the goodness of tomatoes and onions in it. Click here for recipe. 

3.Dal Makhani: 

The butter and spice-loaded urad dal with rajma is a staple among the Punjabis. Today, the popularity has gone global. It is a favourite at any buffet table and can easily be made at home. Try out this recipe now. 

4.Aloo Gobhi: 

Here’s an everyday recipe of Indian households- aloo gobhi. Over time, there have been many variations of this dish, but here is the classic aloo gobhi with a combination of spices and generous garnishing. Tap here for the recipe. 

5.Tomato and Onion Raita: 

A bowl of curd or raita acts as a palette cleanser. It is also a good source of probiotic and helps promote overall health. Here’s a delicious tomato and onion raita recipe for you. 

Just like Mira Kapoor you can add a slice of paratha or can replace it with any of your favourite breads, and even rice.

Enjoy your meal!

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