Mira Kapoors Drool-Worthy Food Platter Will Make You Hungry


Mira Kapoor is a self-confessed foodie. She likes to try out a variety of cuisines from time to time and keeps her online family updated with her culinary adventures. Even when she is travelling, Mira doesn’t forget to post about food. Her recent Instagram Stories shows us a plate full of desi food. We can see some paneer curry alongside what looks like lachha paratha. We could also spot some mixed vegetable curry, and chopped onions. Mira captioned the post, “It’s been too long. Pyaaz aur hari mirch ki kimat tum kya jano (how would you know the value of onion and green chilli)”.


She eats lacchha paratha and paneer.

Mira Kapoor leaves no stone unturned to talk about food in every way possible. She recently made a creative reel on Instagram. The text read, “When you’re travelling abroad and you see the menu has an eggless dessert that’s not a fruit cup.” Mira added the tag, “Oh My Gosh.” She captioned the post, “Perpetual problems of a picky plant-eater” with a plant emoji.

Mira Kapoor also shared a picture of sumptuous Lebanese food while in UAE and send us drooling. Looked like Mira had freshly-baked pita bread, roasted spicy potatoes and creamy hummus. We could also see jalapenos, Muhammara dip and falafel along with a colourful and healthy salad. Read more about Mira’s Lebanese food adventure here.

When Mira Kapoor travels, she tries out a number of treats. Once, she shared a series of photos from her Maldives vacation that screamed indulgence. It included yummy food and exotic dishes. There was a sumptuous dish made up of red spinach, green vegetables, and sprouts followed by a pizza loaded with cheese. There was a grilled vegetable wrap and another dish that included two bowls of hummus with pickled vegetables and a salad. We could also see some fresh salad made with sprouts, kidney beans, mushrooms, tofu, pumpkin, and roasted eggplant. Read more about it here.

On another occasion, Mira Kapoor posted a “legendary” dish by her mother. She shared a snapshot of a plate full of masala bread garnished with coriander leaves, and captioned it, “Mom’s legendary masala bread.” Take a look at the dish here.

So, what do you think of Mira Kapoor’s culinary adventures? Drool-worthy, aren’t they?

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