Home HEALTH & FITNESS Mira Kapoors Halloween-ThemedParty Was Full Of Spooky Delights – See Pics

Mira Kapoors Halloween-ThemedParty Was Full Of Spooky Delights – See Pics

Mira Kapoors Halloween-ThemedParty Was Full Of Spooky Delights – See Pics


On Halloween week, the streets are filled with spooky decorations –  from skeletons and pumpkins to eerie red lights. It’s not just about trick-or-treating; the Halloween spirit has seeped into the realm of food as well. Various Halloween-themed food items have made their way into the market, and even celebrities seem to be savouring these delights. Just take a peek at Mira Kapoor’s Instagram Stories, and you will realise what we are talking about. She shared a video featuring her Halloween party. It included bakery items, specially crafted for Halloween. The video showcased small round sandwiches with spooky faces on top, other sandwiches with ghostly eyes, ghost-themed mousse, candle-shaped treats, chocolate-covered cookies with “RIP” tags on top, and scary lollipops. Capturing the essence, Mira captioned the video with a simple “Boo!!”
Here are some glimpses of Mira Kapoor’s Halloween party.

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Photo Credit: Instagram/Mira Kapoor

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Photo Credit: Instagram/Mira Kapoor

If you are throwing a Halloween party sometime this week, then here are some mysterious and delicious recipes to consider.

5 Amazing Recipes For Your Halloween Party:

1. Spooky Lamb Pie With Glazed Carrot

Indulge in a delicious lamb pie that’s anything but ordinary. Perfect for Halloween, this savoury dish will send shivers down your spine. Click here for the recipe.

2. Halloween Chorizo And Goat Cheese Risotto

Add a touch of spookiness to your Halloween party with a creamy, delectable chorizo and goat cheese risotto that’s both eerie and irresistible. Recipe here.

3. Mummy Dogs

Transform your classic hot dogs into creepy mummy dogs. These wrapped sausages are much fun. Want the recipe? Click here.

4. Spider Cake

This spider-themed cake will be the centrepiece of your Halloween celebration. It’s equal parts spooky and scrumptious. Detailed recipe here.

5. Chopped Witch Fingers

Don’t be fooled by their name; these chopped witch fingers are a savoury delight that’ll add a scary twist to your party menu. Click here and get the recipe.


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