‘MS Dhoni vents his anger out on me’: Sakshi reveals unknown facts about ‘Captain Cool’


Former India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni is famous for calm demeanour on and off the field and barring a few incidents, Dhoni has never lost his cool.

But according to Dhoni’s wife Sakshi, ‘Captain Cool’ sometimes gets angry off the field and vents his anger out on her. Sakshi added that she has no problem with this habit of Dhoni.

In a video posted by the Indian Premier League franchise Chennai Super Kings, Sakshi said Dhoni is normally calm and she is the only person who can provoke him.

“He is calm about everything. I am the only one who can provoke him or upset him because I am closest to him. He vents his anger out on me. I am fine with it,” Sakshi Dhoni told CSK.

Sakshi also added that he and Dhoni never discuss cricket in the house.

“First of all we don’t discuss cricket. That’s his profession. They are professionals…She [Ziva] only listens to him. If I am telling her to do something, if I am telling her to finish your food quickly or eat this vegetable, I will have to tell her 10 times; including Mahi’s mother, including Sheila aunty. Mahi will tell her once and it will just happen in a jiffy,” Sakshi Dhoni explained.

Sakshi also talked about Dhoni’s long hair which he used to sport when he first bursted onto the international arena in 2005 with two hundreds against Pakistan (148) and Sri Lanka (183*).

“Luckily, I did not see him with that long hair because if I had seen him in that orange long hair, I wouldn’t have ever looked at him. There has to be aesthetics. John [Abraham] it sort of suited him, but Mahi with long hair and with that orange colour on top, was like…[Sakshi rolled her eyes],” Sakshi noted.

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