Navratri 2023: 5 Delicious Vrat-Special Chaat Recipes To Make Fasting Fun


Chaat is one of those snacks that one can never say no to. The perfect blend of flavours and textures makes it a tempting treat to indulge in. However, many people have to resist their chaat cravings during the time of Navratri. There are several foods that one must avoid eating during this nine-day fast. These also include some of the ingredients that are used to prepare our beloved chaat. The papdis, for instance, are made using maida, which is a big no-no on the Navratri fasting menu. So, does this mean you should put your chaat cravings to rest? Absolutely not! With just a bit of experimentation, you can make mouth-watering vrat-special chaat recipes to make your fasting period fun and exciting. 
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Navratri 2023: Here Are 5 Vrat-Special Chaat Recipes You Must Try:

1. Sabudana Chaat

If you’re a fan of sabudana during Navratri, you’ll absolutely love this sabudana chaat recipe. To make it, all you have to do is mix steamed sabudana with boiled potatoes, fried peanuts, and a blend of flavourful masalas. The result is this lip-smacking chaat, which makes it perfect to binge on during the evenings. Try it today and make your fasting fun. Click here for the complete recipe for Sabudana Chaat.

2. Shakarkandi Chaat

This shakarkandi (sweet potato) chaat is super healthy, delicious, and filling. While you can straightaway use the sharakandi, we suggest sauteing it with a bit of ghee for extra flavour. Chaat masala  and anardana powder further add to its incredible taste. Finally, top it with some pomegranate seeds, imli chutney, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Once you try this chaat recipe, you’ll want to make it again and again. Find the complete recipe for Shakarkandi Chaat here.

3. Kuttu Papdi Chaat

Ever tried a chaat recipe that has baked papdi in it instead of fried? This kuttu papdi chaat is the perfect example. The papdi is made with kuttu flour and then baked to perfection. They are then topped with yoghurt, chopped potatoes, and sweet and tangy chutneys. This snack is gluten-free, making it an ideal choice for those who wish to eat healthy during Navratri. Click here for the complete recipe for Kuttu Papdi Chaat.
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4. Sabudana Tikki Chaat

The tikkis of this chaat are prepared using sabudana and sweet potatoes. They are just as crispy as regular aloo, but only more delicious. The chaat offers a burst of flavour in every bite and makes for an absolute delight to indulge in during the Navratri season. Make this vrat-friendly snack today and enjoy it with your family. Find the complete recipe for Sabudana Tikki Chaat here.

5. Aloo Paneer Chaat

This yummy chaat is filled with the goodness of potatoes, onions, dates, tomatoes, and coriander. Paneer further helps add texture and nutrition to it. The best thing about this chaat recipe is that the potatoes in it are boiled instead of fried. This makes it super healthy and perfect for those who are mindful of their calorie intake. Click here for the complete recipe for Aloo Paneer Chaat.

Try these mouth-watering chaat recipes this Navratri season and share your experience with us in the comment section. Buy the ingredients to make these chaats from the ongoing Amazon Great Indian Festival, as they have some great prices to offer. Click here for more details.

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