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NGO Sets World Record Using Cereal Boxes In Domino Fashion

NGO Sets World Record Using Cereal Boxes In Domino Fashion


Hunger remains a critical global issue, with staggering numbers reflecting the extent of the problem. As per a Guinness World Record report, approximately 820 million people worldwide suffer from chronic undernourishment. This means that one in every nine people on the planet goes to bed hungry each night. Move For Hunger, a non-profit organisation committed to tackling global hunger and food wastage issues is making strides in raising awareness. Recently, Move For Hunger set a world record by toppling 12,952 cereal boxes in a domino fashion. This setup was over double the size of the previous record, which stood at 6,391 boxes. 

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Cereal and milk are highly requested items at food banks, and that is why Move For Hunger decided to attempt this particular record. They generously donated all the cereal boxes used in the attempt, plus a few thousand more, to two local food banks. And to make it even better, they included a gallon of milk for each box. It is a fantastic way to support those in need in a creative and caring way.

The domino topple lasted for more than five minutes and showcased various patterns and even multiple towers. The arrangement of cereal boxes also spelled out the words “Topple Hunger.” Tony the Tiger, the friendly face of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, had the special task of starting the domino chain. Unfortunately, 306 boxes in the setup did not fall as planned, so they did not count for the record. 

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Take a look at the world record-breaking process below:

People appreciated Move For Hunger for its unique approach. 

A user wrote, “That is crazy and kind. A cool record to have, while helping people out. I will give props to the man who made that cool idea.”

Another added, “Now, this is a record!!!”

“Domino topple is so so so fun to watch,” read a comment.

A person said, “I Thought this would blow up Super Fast Guess Not.”

“I’m here because I like cereal,” wrote a cereal lover.

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