Papad Lays Chaat: An Irresistible Snack You Wont Be Able To Resist


Snacking time is something that we always look forward to. There’s a certain joy that we feel after every snack session. More often than not, these snacks are mostly fried and greasy. Of course, there are several healthy options as well, but nothing quite compares to the satisfaction of those guilty pleasure snacks. One such popular snack that falls into this category is the classic Lay’s chips. This tasty treat often makes its way into different recipes. This time, in the form of a delicious chaat! We recently came across a delightful recipe that you surely won’t be able to resist. This chaat also involves the use of papad and offers a unique presentation. Try it now and impress your friends and family with its incredible taste.
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What Is Papad Lays Chaat?

This chaat brings together the goodness of two of the most popular snacks: chaat and Lay’s chips. Unlike regular chaat, this one is made using a unique papad bowl that is stuffed with a masaledaar mix of crushed roasted papad, Lay’s chips, along with tomatoes and onions. Lemon juice and chaat masala help add a tangy kick of flavour to this chaat. It’s not just the incredible taste; its presentation will surely make it a crowd-pleaser at your next festive party as well. It’s the perfect snack to make at home in under a few minutes and will surely be a  hit among your guests.

Papad Lays Chaat Recipe | How To Make Papad Lays Chaat

To make this chaat, start by roasting the papad on a gas stove. Once done, immediately keep it on top of a bowl and gently press it down using your hands to give it the shape of the bowl. Repeat the process according to the number of papad bowls you’d like to make. Now, take a Lay’s packet and empty its contents into a large bowl. Add crushed roasted papad, chopped tomatoes, onions, green chillies, fresh coriander, lemon juice, and chaat masala. Mix well, and transfer this mixture into the prepared papad bowls. Top it with coriander leaves, and your papad Lay’s chaat is ready to be savoured.
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Watch the detailed recipe video for Papad Lay’s Chaat below: 

It looks delicious, right? Try making it at home, and let us know how you liked its taste in the comments section below. Meanwhile, if you’re on the hunt for more such chaat recipes, click here to explore our impressive range.

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