Pepsi Introduces Colachup – Its A Ketchup!


While we were still wrapping our minds around the bizarre food concoctions by street food vendors across the country, a popular beverage brand took the game to the next level as they introduced a ketchup flavoured with soft drink. Yes, you read it right. In a jaw-dropping announcement, soft drink brand Pepsi unveiled its latest creation: Pepsi Colachup, a mind-blowing fusion of the classic cola and tangy ketchup. The official Instagram page of Pepsi shared a photograph of the culinary innovation. The picture featured a refreshing can of zero-sugar Pepsi and the blue Pepsi Colachup bottle, next to a hotdog, adorned with the revolutionary condiment. The text on the photo read, “Hot dogs: better with Pepsi.”

In the caption, Pepsi wrote, “Calling all hot dog aficionados, Pepsi Colachup has arrived and it’s the only sweet, salty, delicious topping that was specifically made to pair with your hot dog”.

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Take a look at Pepsi’s post below:

Unfortunately, the internet is not quite pleased with the latest offering. A user who didn’t quite warm up to the idea of Colachup, wrote, “This is a sin against God and man.”

“I love ya Pepsi, but this is a hard pass for me,” another said. 

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However, many expressed their excitement to try out the unusual combination. An enthusiastic individual wrote, “Ok! So I got a little too excited when I saw this! Any chance Canada will get some?” 

One of the users said, “That sounds good and bad at the same time.”  

“I can’t tell if you’re trolling,” read a tweet, hinting toward the idea that Pepsi was just playing a prank. 

“Is it April’s Fool again already?” another quipped. 

The creative minds couldn’t resist suggesting alternative names for Colachup. “You literally could’ve called it Pepchup.”

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