Pinata Cakes: The Smashing New Food Trend Which Packs A Sweet Surprise


Pinata cake is the Instagram food fraternity’s latest obsession.


  • 2021 has seen a number of interesting cake trends
  • The Pinata cake is the latest food trend to go viral
  • Take a look at why this creation deserves the hype

A cake is central to the menu of any celebration. Be it birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other milestones – all these certainly feel incomplete without a cake. Instagram food bloggers and chefs have gotten experimental in the kitchen, creating all kinds of new and innovative cake recipes. Recently, we saw how pull-me-up cakes or Tsunami cakes took social media by storm. Their unique presentation and dazzling looks mesmerised Instagram and became an internet sensation. And now, another cake has recently surfaced on the internet which is on its way to become the latest viral food trend. ‘Pinata’ cake or ‘Smash’ cake is the new food trend that is going viral. Take a look:

The word ‘Pinata’ originally comes from Spanish, roughly translating to ‘Pot’. The tradition of ‘Pinatas’ at birthdays and other festivities can be traced back to North America, wherein vessels filled with candies and goodies would be hung from a height to be smashed while being blindfolded. The concept of this Pinata or ‘Khoi Bag’ as it is known in India was extended to cakes to give an interesting twist to the simple birthday cake.

Pinata cakes first surfaced on Instagram around Valentine’s day, made with a heart-shaped mould that was the talk of the season. The hashtag #Pinatacake now has over 152k posts and counting. Celebrities such as Shruti Haasan are also trying out this interesting and unique Pinata cake. The trend has spread over to big and small bakeries across the world, who are eagerly incorporating it in their menus. 

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A hard chocolate exterior typically covers these unique cakes, which pack interesting layers inside as well. The outside of the cake can be shaped in a number of visually appealing ways, but the idea is to smash through it to get to the real cake. Thus, a small hammer or a similar implement usually accompanies the Pinata cake preparation to enable the smashing. Some cakes pack goodies such as macaroons, chocolates and cupcakes inside, which come as a sweet surprise!

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The idea behind the Pinata cake is to make the cake-cutting process a tad different, exciting and unique. This gives it a ‘wow’ element that will keep people guessing as to what really is packed inside it. It would be intriguing to see how the Pinata cake food trend evolves in the coming future.

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