Priyanka Chopra Thanks Husband Nick Jonas For This Sweet Weekend Treat


We aren’t new to Priyanka Chopra’s obsession with lip-smackingly delicious food. She often sends us drooling with her gastronomic adventures. So, what’s special about her yummy tales? This time around, the actress treated herself to decadent ice cream. But there’s more to the story. The credit for getting her the sweet delight goes to her beloved husband Nick Jonas. Priyanka has shared a picture of her delectable ice cream on Instagram Stories. It appears to be a wholesome vanilla ice cream served in a cup. It’s topped with chunks of strawberry. “Thanks, hubby. Best start to the weekend Nick Jonas,” added Priyanka Chopra. Take a look:


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If you are also in the mood of having some ice cream, the best you can do is spend your weekend enjoying it at home. Don’t worry about the recipes. We have shared a list of five drool-worthy ice cream ideas that can be prepared at home.

1) Homemade vanilla ice cream

This is one of the most comforting things to enjoy at home. To make this, you will need milk, sugar, milk powder, hot milk, vanilla essence and almonds. Trust us, a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream can never disappoint you. Ready to try? 

2) Vegan chocolate ice cream

Are you a vegan or lactose intolerant? This shouldn’t take away your chance of digging into flavourful ice cream. This vegan chocolate ice cream with the goodness of almonds and bananas is all you need today. Recipe inside.

3) 5-minute sundae

You can make this drool-worthy sundae at home in just five minutes. Can you believe it? First, make a thick strawberry puree and garnish it with a layer of ice cream and chocolate. Sprinkle some almonds on top followed by expresso coffee.  Click here for recipe.

4) Date ice cream

Yes, ice cream can be healthy as well. And, this recipe is proof. If you want to make a sweet treat with a twist, do go for this yummy date ice cream.

5) Tutti-fruity ice cream

Do you want to enjoy a sumptuous dessert loaded with vanilla ice cream in combination with jam, fresh fruits and nuts? Well, tutti-fruity ice cream promises a lovely taste.  Here is the recipe.

Do try out these ice creams at home and let us know about your experience.

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