Pune Man Orders Food Worth Rs 28.6 Lakh In 2022: Zomato Shares


What do we do when we feel like not stepping into the kitchen? Of course, we order food from our favourite restaurants. And for people who have a super hectic schedule, this phenomenon occurs more often. But it seems a man from Pune went extra miles with ordering food! Wondering what that means? Okay, let us spill the beans for you. According to Zomato’s annual trend report 2022, a man from Pune ordered food worth over Rs. 28 lakh through the app. The person claimed the title of ‘the biggest foodie’ by placing orders worth Rs 28,59,611 this year. You heard us.

Zomato recently took to Instagram to share a post featuring highlights of 2022. The post also had a meme on Elon Mask carrying a sink at Twitter’s headquarters. “Let that sink in,” the text read. Wait, it doesn’t end here. The report went on to share a picture of Ronaldo and Messi with a bowl of biryani at the centre. “Biryani proved to be the GOAT this year too,” Zomato wrote. For the unversed, the Zomato report revealed that biryani continued ruling hearts in 2022 with 186 orders of it delivered every minute.

In another post, Zomato gave a special mention to a person named ‘Rahul’ who ordered 1,098 cakes this year.

Then comes a person named ‘Tina’ from Kahargpur who spent Rs 25,455 just on ordering pizzas, that too in a single go. Wondering how she accommodated so many pizzas in her cart? Well, Zomato described this perfectly in a meme.

If you think you have been ordering way too much food lately, then look at Ankur from Delhi who placed 3,330 orders this year which means approx. nine orders every day. Meanwhile, Yash from Surat, Gujarat, stood out by saying thank you in the chat support every time his order got delivered.

Sharing some unusual requests and searches made by customers, Zomato roped in three sharks from Shark Tank India. Here, some asked if the platform accepts Bitcoin, nearly 80,000 demanded extra oreganos in cooking instructions and some searched for “breakup food”.

For the record, biryani dominated the food orders as per Swiggy’s annual trend report too. It stated that 137 biryanis were ordered per minute in 2022.

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