Rakul Preet Reveals Her Favourite Food And We Relate With Her Choice


Rakul Preet Singh has had an exciting year! She had the release of not one but five films – Runway 34, Attack: Part 1, Cuttputlli, Doctor G and Thank God. Cleary, work has been keeping her busy, but she doesn’t forget to take foodie breaks to keep her energised. How do we know this? She keeps sharing all her foodie adventures on Instagram! With over 22.7 million followers on Instagram, Rakul Preet is quite the celebrity foodie who loves to bring her fans along on all her adventures. In an effort to personally connect with her fans, Rakul Preet Singh decided to host an AMA (Ask Me Anything). Her fans and followers took it as the opportunity to ask her all the questions and get to know her a little better.

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From her fitness habits to her foodie habits, much has been revealed through her Instagram and we are here to give you a low down. Rakul Preet Singh asked her fans to “shoot your questions” and her foodie fans asked what her “favourite food item” was. Rakul Preet revealed her favourite food with an adorable selfie! Take a look:


Rakul Preet Singh’s favourite food is chaat! And, we can’t help but relate to her because, let’s be honest, we love chaat too! The amalgamation of sweet and spicy chutney makes this entire category of dishes drool-worthy. From gol gappe, raj kachori, chaat papdi to dahi bhalle, every kind of chaat is delicious.

Looking at Rakul Preet’s selfie with chaat has us craving some chaat too! If you are craving the same, then you can enjoy chaat at home with these easy recipes:

Chaat Papdi, Dahi Bhalla And More: 5 Classic Chaat Recipes That You Must Try

She also revealed what her fitness routine is like. She shared that she follows a combination of strength training, bodyweight training, cardio and yoga. This all depends on where she is, whether at home or travelling. But she swears by working out every day.

Do you relate to Rakul Preet Singh’s diet preferences? Is chaat your favourite food too? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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