Reddit Users Debate Over “Measuring Vegetable In Cups” In Food Recipes


Social media platforms these days are filled with innovative food recipes and unique dishes from around the world. On weekends, we often think of trying something new for lunch and scour the Internet for that perfect recipe. Following instructions online to prepare a dish may seem the most convenient idea, but it has its own challenges. Sometimes you are oblivious to the condiment used, you run out of the main ingredient, or don’t have the right utensils. Touching upon this struggle, a Reddit user shared a post that triggered a debate on the platform.  

The post read, “Rant: Measuring vegetables in cups! I hate it when a recipe says, “Use 8 cups of cabbage”, or “One cup of carrots“. What’s a cup of cabbage? Do you scoop it through a pile of cabbage? Do you jam as much cabbage as you can get into a cup? Why can’t people buy a scale and tell you that way? You think people would know better”. Take a look:

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Soon, a flurry of users flocked to the comment section and reacted to the post.

“The only sensible measure of how much to use would be weight. Volume is only for liquids, and even I prefer myself in weight as it makes it all easier to just use one simple measuring device. So yes recipes I actually use are all translated to grams,” a user wrote.

Another person said, “I suspect I could fill a cup with anything from half an onion to two onions quite easily. Saying 1 medium onion still seems more useful, especially when planning what you’re buying at the store”.

One user joked, “They should do volume measurements in cubic yards, like concrete. 0.00034 yards of onion”.

“A cup of basil. Do you squish the basil? Big leaves vs small? A handful of basil shaken up is ten times the volume as squashed!! Ridiculous. My pesto comes out different every time,” a comment read.

One person suggested, “Just add “metric” when googling a recipe”.

Last year, a video had surfaced on the Internet showing a kitchen hack that makes measuring ingredients easier. In the clip, a person suggests applying some non-stick spray on a spoon so that every time you pour the ingredient, the spoon doesn’t get sticky and you don’t have to clean it again. 

What did you think of these cooking hacks? Tell us in the comments. 

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