Shocking! Japanese Man Finds Live Frog In His Takeaway Udon Cup. Video Goes Viral


We are always looking for reasons to enjoy our favorite meals served in restaurants or food outlets. Even though we try hard to replicate the dish, it doesn’t quite have the same flavor. If you’re someone who frequently rushes out to savor delicious food, a viral video might make you think twice. Do you remember when a video featuring half-eaten fried chicken with maggots from a Malaysian restaurant went viral on social media? Now, a Twitter user from Japan has shared how he discovered a live frog after nearly finishing a cup of udon. The man, known as Kaito on Twitter, was on a business trip in Nagasaki when he visited a Marugame Seimen outlet in Ishaya city, reported The Straits Times. Kaito had ordered a cup of Shake Udon, which consisted of a portion of minced meat mixed in chili sesame sauce, at the renowned noodle chain store.
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After finishing the majority of the noodles, he noticed a bright green frog sitting at the bottom of the cup. To his surprise, it was alive! Sharing the video on Twitter, the man used chopsticks to lift the frog, which was visibly moving. “When I ate the udon that I was worried about during my business trip… what a frog. I ate it after shaking and didn’t notice until the end,” he wrote alongside the clip. Kaito also mentioned that the shop had reopened “that night after being closed for 3 hours, and is still selling salads and the same products.” He ended his message by cautioning other diners to be careful before eating at the food outlet. You can watch the full video here:

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The video has now gone viral on social media, amassing over 6.8 million views. Marugame, the udon chain with over 1,000 outlets in and outside of Japan, has reportedly acknowledged the incident and issued an apology to its diners for the inconvenience caused.

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