Shruti Haasan Treats Her Assamese Boyfriend To A Tamil Meal Spread


That Shruti Haasan is an extremely talented cook is not news anymore. And while we have to make do by just looking at the photos of the delicious dishes that she has been cooking during the lockdown, there is one person who actually gets to enjoy the food. Shruti’s boyfriend, artist Santanu Hazarika, is spending the lockdown with her and being treated to a variety of delicious food these days. On Thursday, the actress cooked up a storm for dinner and her Instagram Stories are proof that it was an utterly delectable feast. A video taken by Shruti shows Santanu enjoying a lovely Tamil spread of white rice, curry, papad and a side of vegetables. Shruti goes on to say, “Axomiya boy belting the Tamizh saapad (Tamil feast).” Take a look at some screengrabs from Shruti Haasan’s video:

Shruti Haasan cooked a yummy treat for her boyfriend. 

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From desserts to complex curries, Shruti Haasan has been spending a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting with food. Recently, she even tried her hands at the Malabar seafood curry and succeeded. For the Kerala delicacy, she used ingredients such as shallots, calamari and some curry leaves. She shared a short video of herself adding a tadka of red chillies and curry leaves to the rich yellow gravy.

In addition to this, the actress who has a sweet tooth baked not one, but two delicious cakes in the past few weeks. First, she made a simple, gluten-free vanilla cake, which was not only healthy but also looked yummy. Sharing the post, the 35-year-old wrote: “Here’s a cake to celebrate the festivities in lockdown style! Happy to everyone! PS- the cake was slightly cracked cause it’s gluten-free but any of you who know me know I loved cracked people and things. PPS – do not over whip the frosting else it will curdle into yucky…Ok, bye.” Shruti Haasan topped the cake with some whipped cream and raspberries.

She followed this up with a decadent chocolate cake. Shruti Haasan made sure that the cake looked just as lovely as it tasted by decorating it with intricate designs made using whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

From simple home food to extravagant desserts, is there any dish that Shruti Haasan cannot cook? Tell us your favourite dish by the actress in the comments section.

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