Snack On: Try These 5 Simple South Indian Chicken Recipes For Busy Evenings


For most non-vegetarians, the mere mention of chicken in any meal is enough to whet their appetite. But a full meal could mean too much work, especially when you’re really peckish and want something quick and easy to take care of your cravings. That’s where snacks come in, whether as an accompaniment to your evening tea or something to munch on while watching television. Chicken delicacies are relished across the country, but south Indian preparations are, quite honestly, underrated. The diverse ingredients and unique method of cooking in each of the five southern states is mind-boggling, the only common thread being the generous use of fiery chillies that are sure to tantalise your taste buds.

Here is a list of five south Indian chicken snacks to light up your evenings.

1. South Indian Fried Chicken

It is a crispy starter to serve at parties and you can even prepare it on a rainy day to relish with your favourite chutney or chai. This chicken recipe uses mustard seeds and lentils. Click here for recipe.


It is a crispy starter to serve at parties

2. Chicken 65

This delicious recipe is an offering from Tamil Nadu. A popular snack, it is full of spice and flavours perfect for special occasions and dinner or birthday parties. Served hot and crispy, it can also be paired with a drink of your choice. Click here for recipe. 

3. Kozhi Porichathu (Kerala chicken fry)

This KFC-style snack from Kerala is deep-fried chicken in coconut oil. The chicken wings are first marinated in a number of spices including coriander powder, chilli powder, turmeric, salt and ginger garlic-paste. It is served with parotta. Click here for recipe. 

4. Chicken Sukka

From Mangalore, it is a special semi dry chicken recipe, cooked using fresh chicken, some spices and grated fresh coconut. It is a dish that can make a dinner party menu exotic. Click here for recipe. 


5. Andhra Pepper Chicken

As the name suggests, this dish originated in Andhra Pradesh. It is simple to cook with chicken being first marinated in coriander powder, lemon juice and black pepper, and then cooked on high heat with curry leaves. Click here for recipe. 

So, whenever a full meal feels like too much of a commitment, and you’re craving something quick, try these snacks.

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