Sona Mohapatra again slams TV channels for ‘platforming serial sex offenders’ like Sajid Khan on Bigg Boss 16 – Times of India


Singer Sona Mohapatra, who levelled allegations of sexual misconduct against filmmaker Sajid Khan, music composer Anu Malik and others in the Me Too movement, has again expressed her anger at TV channels for ‘platforming serial sex offenders’.

In her new post on Instagram, Sona stated how it’s that time of the year when we are celebrating Navratri, Durga Puja and Womanhood yet there are Indian TV channels who are leveraging those who were accused in the Me Too movement.

She wrote, “India is celebrating #Navratri, #Durga Puja and #Womanhood. While also watching the complete disregard for women’s voices in the #MeTo movement by the Indian TV channels platforming serial sex offenders; Sajid Khan, Anu Malik, Vikas Behl, Suhel Seth, Kailash Kher.

The popular singer had earlier lashed out at TV channels for being a ‘sad and depraved lot’ after Sajid Khan entered Bigg Boss 16 as a contestant.

Sona tweeted, “This is #SajidKhan, now on a reality TV show. 👇🏾Then there is #AnuMalik judging a music reality show on TV, for children no less. #KailashKher? Celebrity Judge on TV. ALL called out by many many women in @IndiaMeToo. Indian TV channels, executives are indeed a depraved & sad lot.”

She added, “I’m sure these ‘marketing,creative’ teams will be chuckling ghoulishly for the free publicity, PR their depraved choices are giving them? Some will get promotions like in the case of Indian Idol in the past. Sleep well at night dancing on the graves of your conscience.”

It’s not just Sona but several netizens also disapproved of Sajid’s participation in the show and protested against it. Even in the nomination round, Sajid was chosen by many though they didn’t state their reasons for it.

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