South Indian Recipe: Try This Traditional Kalan Kerala Curry Recipe


Kalan Kerala recipe is a must-try.


  • Kalan Kerala curry is a traditional dish of the region.
  • Its gravy is made with coconut milk, curd and veggies.
  • Here’s an easy recipe to make it at home.

Kerala cuisine features mostly rice-based dishes. Rice is a staple in south India and the combination of plain rice with a flavourful curry is quite popular. When we talk about south Indian curries, most of them have coconut milk as the base. Coconut milk lends its creamy taste and texture to the curry while also making it dense in the process. Here we have another famous curry from Kerala, which has been a part of its traditional food culture for ages. Kalan Kerala Curry is made in almost every household in the region, especially during Onam Sadhya. 

Kalan Kerala curry is one of the many ethnic dishes of the state, which impresses the taste buds of people even from other regions. It is a thick gravy made with an eclectic combination of coconut, curd and vegetables. Curd is actually turned into buttermilk to use in this curry. It is a bit sour in taste, which is balanced out with the addition of luscious and slightly sweet coconut milk. The curry is essentially made of veggies of raw banana and elephant yam, which is also called ‘senai’. 

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Buttermilk is used to make this south Indian curry. 


Kalan Kerala curry is also known as kurukku kalan curry; it comes with a bang of flavour and layers of texture, making it one of the tastiest dishes of Kerala. Since it contains both green chilli and black pepper powder, you can expect it to be a bit spicy which, of course, is good for our palate!


How To Make Kalan Kerala Curry I Kalan Kerala Curry Recipe

This special Kerala curry can be easily made at home, once you’ve gathered all the ingredients.
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To make Kalan Kerala curry, first cook yam and raw bananas in buttermilk. Then add the pre-made paste of grated coconut and green chilli to it. Now in another pan, fry mustard seeds and curry leaves in coconut oil. Add buttermilk mixture to it along with fenugreek seeds and black pepper powder. Garnish and serve hot. 

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