Summer Special: How To Make Ellu Juice – A Cooling Sesame Drink From Mangalore


Summer is here and we all have started fuelling ourselves with all things cool and hydrating. Be it fresh fruit juice, ice tea or simple water, we chug gallons of drinks to keep us energised and hydrated throughout the day. The best part is, we get multiple cooler options to choose from. For instance, explore the desi drinks available in India. You get lassi in Punjab, kokum sherbet in Maharashtra, ghol in Bengal, jigarthanda in Tamil Nadu and the list goes on. While some drinks like lassi and kokum sherbet have got their share of popularity across the country, some still require exploration. One such summer cooler we recently came across is ellu juice. It is refreshing, rejuvenating and makes for a perfect drink to beat the heat. Hence, we thought of sharing the recipe of ellu juice with you.

What Is Ellu Juice?

A popular recipe from Mangalore, ellu juice is a cooling drink prepared with sesame seeds and freshly-grated coconut. For the unversed, ellu translates to sesame seeds in local Tulu language. You also need to add some jaggery to prepare the drink. The nutty flavours of sesame and coconut, with the sweetness of jaggery, leave a soothing aftertaste on your palate. That’s not all. Ellu juice is great for your health too. According to celebrity nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal, “The cooling properties of the coconut help neutralize the heating effects of the sesame seeds in the recipe, resulting in a drink that helps beat the heat.” She took to Instagram to share the recipe too. Let’s take a look.

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Ellu Juice Recipe: How To Make Mangalorean Ellu Juice (Sesame Drink):

Recipe By Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal

  • To make the ellu juice, take one cup of freshly grated coconut and half cup of sesame seeds in a grinding jar.
  • Add three to four pods of cardamom and grind with some water.
  • Strain and extract the milk. Do not throw away the residue.
  • Transfer it to the grinder, add some more water and repeat the process twice or thrice. Then discard the roughage.
  • Add some jaggery to it, mix and refrigerate for some time. Serve it chilled.

That’s it. Your glass of chilled ellu juice is ready to be relished.

Watch the detailed recipe of Mangalorean ellu juice below.

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Such a simple recipe; isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Get some freshly grated coconut and sesame seeds and prepare yourself a glass of ellu juice today. For more such summer-special South Indian drink recipes, click here. Do try them all and let us know which one you enjoyed the most.

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