Taslima Nasreen Accuses Apollo Hospital of Wrong hip Replacement Surgery, Says ‘If I Die…’


Famous writer Taslima Nasreen has accused Dr. Yatin Kharbanda, Senior Orthopedic Surgeon of Apollo Hospital, Delhi, of treating her wrongly. Taslima Nasreen told her story by tweeting one after the other in the last 24 hours. According to Taslima Nasreen, she reached Apollo Hospital on January 11 with complaints of knee pain, where Dr. Yatin Kharbanda told her that she had a hip fracture and to treat it, a hip replacement would be required.

She was admitted to the hospital for surgery on 13 January. Taslima Nasreen has alleged that she did not see any information about the hip fracture in the CT scan or X-ray. Despite this, the doctors got her hip replaced. According to Taslima Nasreen, she did not have any hip fracture and to suppress the case, the hospital had prepared a wrong discharge summary. According to the author, she could have been cured only with rest and painkillers, but the hospital did not give such advice. She Claimed, “If I die because of the complications of Total Hip Replacement, no one but Dr Kharbanda is responsible. After reaching Apollo hospital with knee pain, he did my THR within a few hrs. It’s still a nightmare. He lied to me about Xray & CT findings.”

According to Taslima Nasreen, in return, she also paid a bill of 7,42,000 to the hospital. In a series of tweets, Taslima Nasreen alleged that she was not even given time to think and could not take a second opinion. 

However, Apollo Hospital has denied all these allegations. According to the statement issued by the hospital, Taslima Nasreen had collapsed. She could not even walk and went to the hospital with this complaint. Considering her age, a hip replacement was the best treatment that was given to her. Although she was also advised physiotherapy as a follow-up, for which she did not return. The hospital advised her to do proper follow-up. Apollo Hospital has also made it clear in its statement that the doctor treating him has 30 years of experience and is an excellent senior doctor. 

What is the truth in this case? It could be a matter of investigation, but Taslima Nasreen’s case has also expressed the concern of the people on Twitter. People are openly writing about the alleged loot of private hospitals. How private hospitals keep doing unnecessary surgeries and tests, how patients are helpless in this series of loots. Thousands of such tweets started pouring in on Twitter after Taslima Nasreen’s complaint. 

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