Telangana CM KCR slams PM Modi, mocks $3.1 trillion economy claim | India News – Times of India


HYDERABAD: Telangana CM K Chandrashekar Rao called PM Narendra Modi the “most ineffective PM” in the nation’s history and termed the NDA as “No Data Available” government in his most scathing attack against the BJP-led Centre and the PM in a two-hour speech in the assembly Sunday.
KCR said former PM Manmohan Singh excelled in his performance, but lacked the ecosystem to flaunt his achievements like his successor Modi.
In a pointed counter to Modi’s remarks that India will always remember the decade preceding 2014 as the “lost decade” and the decade of 2030 will be known as “India’s decade”, KCR gathered ammunition from the book – Lost Decade (2008-18) – and quoted from its pages to attack the PM.
During a debate on the money appropriation bill in the assembly, he claimed Manmohan Singh managed the country’s debt-to-GDP ratio better than Modi. “Singh brought down the ratio by 10%, but it rose by 5% during PM Modi‘s tenure. The poor man did not boast, but Modi and his followers are full of praise for themselves,” he said.
He also mocked the $3.1 trillion economy claimed by the NDA government, saying this was not an actual indicator of development.”What matters is the money with the people. India ranks poorly on the per capita income parameter. We are ranked 138th, far behind nations like Bangladesh and Bhutan,” he said.

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