This Hilarious Video On “Zero Calorie Diet” Will Leave You In Splits


How many of you believe in following a strict diet plan? Well, no matter how good you are at it, there are times when you just want to escape. It’s natural to feel like treating yourself to some flavoursome dishes or indulging in mouth-watering treats while you are on a diet. Most of us relish our cheat meals when we crave some tasty food and just wish that it doesn’t impact our fitness journey. Sticking to the diet plan can be a tough task and many of us often fail to do that. If you are one of those who end up munching junk food even when on diet, then this viral video will definitely resonate with you.

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Shared on Instagram, the clip shows a person sitting with a packet of chips in his hand and a weighing scale on the table. He takes out one of the chips from the packet and puts it on the weighing machine to measure the weight. As the reading shows zero, he proceeds to eat the chip. The person then takes out a different snack and repeats the process. Every snack that he puts on the scale measures zero in weight allowing him to enjoy them guilt free. “Whenever I am on a diet,” the text on the video read. The clip was uploaded with the caption, “Diet is going good so far. Zero calorie diet…By Marvin Achi”.

The clip drew various comments from users on the platform. Many found it to be hilarious and reacted with laughing emoticons. One user wrote, “The math is mathing! Enjoy!”

 Another said, “I love it! and for those who can’t take a good, funny, harmless joke… just scroll.”  

“I don’t think that’s how that works,” a comment read.

“Haha he’s using an actual scale,” another user wrote.

“This must be my brother from another mother,” read another comment.

For the unversed, zero calorie diet relates to eating food items that have low or zero calories. This means that food items with low calories do not contribute to your weight gain. In fact, they help you in your weight loss journey.  

What is your take on this one? Did you make you laugh like other viewers?

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