This Instant Onion Achar Is Perfect for Beating the Heat Wave in Style!


Summer can be tough, with the scorching heat taking a toll on our minds and bodies. Prolonged exposure to heat hampers our ability to sweat, leading to dehydration and exhaustion. That’s why experts advise us to drink gallons of water to stay cool and combat the rising temperatures outside. But did you know that your diet also plays a crucial role in this situation? When the season hits, you’ll often find elders at home preparing cool and comforting meals that are low on spice and oil. And one ingredient remains a constant companion in every dish: onions. Have you ever wondered why they pair onions with everything? Is it just for the crunch and layer of flavour? Probably not. Onions are not only healthy but also have the incredible ability to instantly cool you down, providing relief from the sweltering heat outside.
Given its goodness and versatility, we’d like to introduce you to a mouthwatering onion achar that can serve as the perfect replacement for raw onions in your meals. Not only does this achar taste delicious, but it also eliminates the need for days of sun-drying. You can whip it up in just 10 minutes and indulge in its flavours right away.
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How Onions Help Protect Us from the Heat Wave:

Onions are perhaps one of the most common food ingredients found in every kitchen, with various uses in our daily diet. Whether eaten raw, added to salads, or used in curries, onions are versatile. But did you know that onions can shield you from the side effects of a heatwave? It’s true. Onions contain a compound called quercetin, which aids in treating sunstroke and sunburns. Moreover, onions help in generating electrolytes that maintain the body’s water balance, keeping it cool and preventing dehydration.

How to Make Instant Onion Achar at Home:

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that achar gives you ample room to be creative with a recipe. If you explore different regions and households, you’ll find unique processes for making achar. In fact, there’s no strict recipe-it’s a tradition passed down through generations. We stumbled upon one such unique recipe for onion achar that not only pairs perfectly with any dish but also adds extra benefits to your meal. This particular recipe, also known as achari pyaz, comes from the renowned celebrity chef Pankaj Bhadouria.
To begin, take baby onions and thoroughly clean them. Trim the base and create a spice mixture to infuse some flavours. Make achar masala using salt, turmeric, red chilli powder, dried mango powder, fennel seeds, and black onion seeds (kaloji). Stuff this masala into the onions. Next, heat oil in a pan, add fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds, and a few other spices, and then add the stuffed onions. Sprinkle some additional masala mixture, cook for a while, and voila! Your instant onion achar is ready to be savoured alongside your meals.
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Watch the detailed recipe video below:

Give it a try at home today, and let us know how you liked it. Your taste buds will thank you for this delightful and refreshing treat, perfect for surviving the scorching summer heat!

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