“This Is Next-Level Horror”: Internet Reacts To Hot Dog Pickle Jello Recipe


Most of us are no strangers to bizarre recipes. People around the world take to social media to share their ‘creative’ take on classic dishes or come up with new dishes by themselves. While many of these inventions are definitely innovative, some can be downright alarming. Combining unlikely flavours is not always a bad thing. We all have that one food habit or food combo that others find slightly strange. But sometimes, people go above and beyond to create recipes that feel far from edible, let alone tasty. For instance, a clip showing a street vendor making ice cream pani puri went viral yesterday. Before that, people were alarmed by a video showing a woman making mashed potatoes out of Lays chips. Today, another peculiar recipe is drawing flak online: Hot Dog Pickle Jello.

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Twitter user @AKBrews recently shared a video showing a woman making what she calls “her favourite recipe when her family has potlucks.” She goes on to strain pickles into a bowl to separate the juice and adds water along with gelatin to it. After that, she lines a bundt pan with uncut hot dog sausages and fills it with cut pickles. She proceeds to pour the “pickle jello” mixture into the pan, topped with onions and red peppers. She says, “It’s all personal preference here; however you guys like your Jello.” Finally, she puts the pan into the fridge to set. Watch the complete video here:

Later, she flips the pan onto a tray and de-moulds the jello. If this wasn’t absurd enough until now, she proceeds to cut pieces of it and put them in between hot dog buns! The person who posted the video captioned it, “This is one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever seen.” Here is how other people reacted:

“PRO TIP: when following this recipe, simply make the hot dogs with all of the ingredients except the gelatin for a more “gag-free” experience.”
“The moms of the Silent Generation made stuff like this when Boomers were growing up so please cut them some slack. They’ve seen horrors.”
“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should”
“Crazy thing is, historically jello my was seen as a commonplace, savoury dish and would contain ingredients, like this. Folks loved it. Happy that times changed.”

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The original tweet has received 1 million views so far. What do you think of this recipe? Let us know in the comments below

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