This Japanese Fruit Sandwich Is The New Viral Recipe On Foodies Radar


Whether for its convenience or delicious taste, a sandwich is one snack that is a no-brainer. Just take two slices of bread, spread your choice of topping, add some vegetables or meat and dig in! Sandwiches have become a common feature across menus of restaurants and even fine dining eateries. There is one sandwich, however, that has caught our attention recently thanks to the internet. The Japanese fruit sandwich, also known as Japanese Sando has been trending on Instagram in the recent past. This fulfilling meal can be had as a snack or a dessert and is super easy to whip up and put together. A number of food bloggers and chefs have created the Japanese fruit sandwich in their own kitchens and shared the results online. Take a look:

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If you love desserts and sandwiches in equal measure, you’ll surely enjoy the Japanese fruit sandwich. To make it, you simply need to take two slices of soft and fluffy milk bread. Cut up the fruits of your choice and keep them aside. You can use strawberries, oranges, kiwi or even mangoes for this recipe. Next, take cream cheese and spread it on the bread. Now add the fruits and layer up with some yogurt for the additional creamy texture. Slice it up diagonally and you get a delicious sandwich that is not just delicious to taste but also extremely visually appealing. The use of milk bread and yogurt gives it a soft, fluffy and airy texture and the fruit adds a sweet and sour element.

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The history of the fruit sandwich goes back to the time when fruit used to be a luxury in Japan. Fruit stores opened up in many business districts and train stations during 1912-1926 so that these fruits could be purchased as luxury gift items for special occasions as per the Japanese Food Guide. Then, fruit parlours attached to these fruit stores came into being in Japan where they served various fruit dishes to the general public. This was when the Japanese fruit sandwiches came into being Soon after, convenience stores or konbini also started serving the Japanese fruit sandwiches, as per New York Times.

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