This Mans Late-Night Pizza Order Had No Toppings, Thanks To Hilarious Goof Up


Imagine you came home late at night from a party. You’ve had plenty to drink but not enough to eat. Hunger pangs quickly kick in and pizza is undoubtedly your top pick to satisfy them. You place an order for pizza online and it gets delivered to you too. All seems to be fine until you open the pizza box and find that the pizza toppings are missing! What would your reaction be? A UK-based man faced this exact same situation recently and the news has gone viral. Known as u/Crunch1eTwix on Reddit, he narrated the ordeal in a sub-Reddit called r/CasualUK and the post has left the internet in splits.

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The man revealed how his post-party late-night order was actually a mistake from his end. He ordered pizza and wanted the BBQ Meat Feast which had toppings such as mozzarella cheese, bacon, ham and pepperoni. But due to his tired and worn-out state, he accidentally removed all the toppings and was only left with pizza base and sauce in the customised order.

The man too was quite surprised to see that the pizza joint, Papa John’s, fulfilled his order to the very last detail. They actually removed all the toppings and sent him a pizza base with barbecue sauce only on it. “Shoutout to Papa John’s for honouring my post-pub late-night order of accidentally removing every item on a BBQ meat feast, thinking I was adding them,” he wrote in his post.

The post of the pizza with no toppings got over 9k upvotes and hundreds of comments. The hilarious incident garnered a flurry of reactions from users, who could relate to the situation. Several admitted that the process of online ordering could sometimes get confusing. “I did this accidentally once, thought I’d added extra cheese, but no, I’d removed it,” confessed one user. Another wrote, “You deserve it for ordering a barbecue pizza in the first place!”

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In a report by Mirror, a spokesperson for Papa John’s said, “At Papa John’s, we encourage our customers to personalise their pizzas using the customisation tool, and no matter what the request – from pineapple on their pizza to a BBQ base with absolutely no toppings – we’ll always deliver.” Sharing his thoughts about the bizarre pizza with no toppings, the spokesperson added, “Although we’re not sure this one is something we’ll be adding to the main menu anytime soon…”

This is not the only time pizza has made an appearance on our news feeds. Recently, a man called up emergency services after his pizza was not delivered to him within 30 minutes. The hilarious and relatable story won over the internet.

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