Tired Of Her Husbands Tantrums, Woman Cooks Dishes He Doesnt Like; Shares On Reddit


They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, this was certainly not the case with this woman who was tired of the tantrums thrown by her husband. So much so that she started to prepare dishes that her husband used to hate. When he called her out for her behaviour, the woman narrated the incident on the Reddit page, AITA. And, the online community came out in support of her.   “I do 100% of the cooking in our home. We share other household responsibilities and I don’t really mind because I enjoy cooking. We both work full-time and share pretty equally in expenses. It seems like the list of things he doesn’t like just keeps getting longer,” the Reddit user wrote.

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She further revealed that her husband has a grading system for all the meals she prepared, even after she repeatedly requested him to stop. The grading scale is: A=he really likes it, F=he won’t eat it). The Redditor, who has been married for 15 years, is well aware of the things he doesn’t eat. The list includes curry, anything with an Indian or Chinese flavour, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, most healthy grains, squash, and any meal without enough carbs and meat. “He also won’t eat leftovers,” she added.

But, after noticing that her husband grades the majority of her meals B or C and doesn’t seem to appreciate the time she put into preparing dinner each night, the woman decided to just cook what she likes on some nights. “I’ve also been trying to cook healthier (low carb, low fat) meals some nights because we both need to eat better. Some nights it’s something he likes, some nights it’s something I know he doesn’t like. I’ll tell him what we are having and if he wants to order out or make himself something else that’s fine,” she added in her post.

Next, the wife revealed that her husband took his tantrums a notch higher by asking her to pay for the meals he ordered from outside. The user shared, “The other night he ordered pizza instead of trying the chicken curry dish that I made and said that if I’m cooking something he doesn’t like I need to pay for the food he orders.” When the wife refused to cook him a special meal or pay for his food orders, he got his mother involved. It is obvious the Redditor’s mother-in-law took her son’s side and even claimed that she would never cook something for dinner that she knew her husband didn’t like. “For the record, since my FIL retired he does all of the cooking,” the user signed off. 

Several people were able to relate to the woman and shared how they tackle a similar situation in their households.

“NTA. The menu at my house includes 2 options: Take it, or leave it,” a user commented.

Another pitched a third option saying, “There is peanut butter, there is jelly, and YOU make yourself a PB&J.” 

One of the users gave an all-new definition to the grading scale used by the woman’s husband, “Take it or leave it – Exactly. Although I think I would cook curry nearly daily at that point. F=fabulous you know, D=delicious, C= can’t live without it.”

“I tell my family that the kitchen is not a democracy; if you’re not cooking. you get no say,” read a comment on the post. 

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