Home HEALTH & FITNESS Too Tired To Cook? Say Hello To Paneer Veg Toast – Your New Go-To Snack!

Too Tired To Cook? Say Hello To Paneer Veg Toast – Your New Go-To Snack!

Too Tired To Cook? Say Hello To Paneer Veg Toast – Your New Go-To Snack!


Craving paneer but feeling too tired to cook an elaborate meal? Want to whip up a delectable snack without a lengthy list of ingredients? Looking to savour your breakfast toast in a unique way? Look no further – we have the perfect solution for you: Paneer Veg Toast. This quick and straightforward paneer toast can be whipped up using just a handful of common ingredients that you likely have in your kitchen. So, whether you’re pressed for time, low on energy, or running low on ingredients, this open paneer toast will come to your rescue! While you can always personalize it to suit your taste, we’ve crafted an easy-to-follow recipe for you to get started.
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Paneer Toast vs. Paneer Sandwich – What Sets Them Apart?


Paneer toast is like an open, non-grilled version of a paneer sandwich. Photo Credit: iStock

In this case, the paneer toast takes an open form – bread slices are generously topped with a paneer mixture and then cooked (and served) without adding another bread slice on top. On the other hand, a Paneer Sandwich typically involves a sumptuous paneer stuffing placed between two slices of bread, which can be enjoyed plain, toasted, or grilled. Both the toast and the sandwich offer a myriad of lip-smacking variations. Paneer toast can be expertly prepared at home on a tawa/pan or in an oven, delivering a scrumptious outcome in approximately 10 minutes.

Is Paneer Veg Toast a Nutritious Choice?


Use whole wheat or multigrain bread to make your toast healthier. Photo Credit: iStock

This delectable snack combines the wholesomeness of high-protein paneer, fresh veggies, and classic spices. However, conventional white bread doesn’t pack much nutritional punch – it primarily contributes simple carbohydrates. Therefore, if you’re watching your diet, opting for whole-wheat bread or multigrain bread is advisable. These options not only offer better nutritional value but also pair perfectly with paneer. If you’re accustomed to purchasing pre-packaged varieties of these ‘healthy’ bread, exercise caution concerning artificial colours and other additives. You can read more about this topic here.
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Creating Your Flavorful Paneer Veg Toast

Once you’ve selected your choice of bread, it’s time to embark on assembling this delightful treat. Here’s a rundown of the basic steps:

How to Prepare Paneer Masala Toast at Home | A Quick and Effortless Recipe for Open Paneer Veg Toast


You can use different types of bread for making paneer toast. Photo Credit: iStock

1. Begin by finely chopping both the veggies and paneer. Have them readily available.

2. In a pan/kadai, cook the veggies with a medley of spice masalas. Add the paneer and sauté for a brief period before removing the mixture from the heat.

3. Lightly toast buttered bread slices on one side.

4. Spread the paneer mixture generously on the toasted side, then layer with fresh coriander leaves and additional seasoning.

5. Carefully cover the pan – if you don’t possess a dedicated cover for your pan/tawa, any dome-shaped or similar vessel that avoids contact with the toppings will suffice.

6. Allow the toast to cook over a low flame and serve it piping hot.

For the complete recipe of Paneer Veg Toast, click here.

Enhance the experience of this open paneer toast by pairing it with zesty tomato sauce and flavorful hari (green) chutney. Given its mere 10-minute preparation time, why not indulge in it today itself? We eagerly anticipate hearing your thoughts about this delectable creation!
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