Twinkle Khannas Candid Coffee Confessions: “Its My Fuel, Even at 3 AM”


Coffee is the morning beverage of choice for countless people all over the world. Whether we enjoy it black or add milk and sugar to it, coffee tastes equally delicious. The caffeine in the drink gives us the fuel to power through the day, which is why many people prefer coffee to wake them up after an afternoon slump or to get them through late nights. As it turns out, even actress-turned-writer Twinkle Khanna is a huge lover of her cuppa Joe. In a recent Instagram reels video, she confessed how she feels about coffee. Take a look:

In the video shared by Twinkle Khanna, we could see two versions of her ‘before’ and ‘after’ having coffee. The ‘before’ coffee version was slow and tired, while the one after drinking coffee was refreshed and energised. “On a good day, it’s three cups; on a bad day, it’s the equivalent of an intravenous drip,” said Twinkle Khanna about her favourite beverage.
Twinkle Khanna also said that if she would accidentally get up in the middle of the night, even then she would make herself a cup of coffee! “Sometimes, when I wake up at that dreaded 3 am, I make myself a cup of coffee as dark as the sky outside my window, drink it, and go back to sleep immediately,” she explained.
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Coffee is a beverage we all love, including Twinkle Khanna. Photo: Unsplash

As for which coffee she likes to drink, Twinkle Khanna revealed that she does not go for any fancy coffees or brews and simply enjoys instant coffee powder in her drink. “Oh, and I prefer instant as I don’t have the patience or like the fuss around being a coffee connoisseur, just the caffeine,” revealed Khanna on Instagram. She further asked her fans and followers to reveal the kind of coffee they liked.
A number of followers could relate to Twinkle Khanna’s love for coffee. A fan also said that even she preferred instant coffee. “I take my coffee with milk in the form of a cappuccino, trying to limit to one cup a day but somehow always end up having another one in the evening,” said one user. “Instant is good enough for me. Just need that caffeine hit. Can’t be bothered with the rest of the rigmarole,” wrote one user.
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